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    Hong Kong and Macao guests come to the symposium for cooperation
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The basic construction of the counties and cities of Ningbo and the city Ming Zhou Shi foreign company was established Taboo country number, rename Ningbo Ningbo bang emerged Ningbo officially opened its port Ningbo recovery Ningbo city was liberated Ningbo is listed as one of the coastal cities of reform and opening up Ningbo has developed into a sub-provincial city in China Ningbo zhoushan port has the highest throughput in China Ningbo is listed as the international port city of Yangtze river delta planning
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  • Walking in the east of Jiuzhai, Zhejiang
    •   2 days
    •   5 spots
    When you feel that life is boring, when you are overwhelmed by work, when you are physically and mentally exhausted, go hiking, it can not only exercise the body to clear the meridians, but also make

    Line:   Ningbo > Yinzhou District

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