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Hemudu Site


· The late Neolithic site in China, which began to excavate in 1973, is one of the earliest Neolithic cultural sites discovered in China. · It is mainly composed of two parts: the cultural relics exhibition hall and the site display area of ​​the site. Here you can see the unearthed cultural relics. · There is a touch screen computer in the museum, you can check some information about Hemudu. If you are traveling with children, it is a good opportunity for long knowledge.



Hemudu culture has a history of 7000 years and is a very important branch in ancient Chinese history. The 7,000-year-old dry-column buildings (referred to in Yunnan, Thailand, Vietnam, wooden houses and bamboo houses) and the ancient human skulls in this land are enough to prove the importance of this place to human history, not to sigh by humans. Great and wisdom. After careful consideration, 7000 years ago, ancient humans had already understood how to build buildings with natural materials in a very harsh environment. The museum can apply for free guides (both Chinese and English). Figure 4 is a wooden grass house built on the model of the Hemudu culture-dry bar.


Bus: 1. Take the bus from Ningbo North Railway Station or Yuyao East Bus Station to Luojiang. 2, take the bus No. 301 in the city center to the end of the world Yuyuan Station, about 50 minutes, 2 yuan, transfer 515 to the Hemudu site, 2 yuan, walk along the path to about 300 meters, take the ferry to the Hemudu site, ferry The fee is 6 yuan, and the original road will return after the visit.


Free tips: The explanation service is limited to 30 people per batch; Explain the scope of services: Museum exhibition hall; The explanation service does not provide an appointment.

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