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Tianyi Pavilion


· Located in the urban area of ​​Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, it is the earliest private library building in China. It is also the oldest library in Asia and one of the world's first three family libraries. · Built in the middle of the Ming Dynasty, it was presided over by the resignation of the Ministry of Military Affairs, the right minister, Fan Qin. Many of the exhibition halls display books collected by Fan's family all over the world. ·The building incorporates a variety of traditional folk crafts such as wood carving, brick carving, stone carving, gold paste, and copying. It is a masterpiece of Ningbo residential architecture. · There is also an interesting Mahjong Museum in Tianyi Pavilion, which has become a popular choice for many people to take pictures.



Tianyi Pavilion is a very famous scenic spot in Ningbo. It is equivalent to the status of the Forbidden City in Beijing. Tickets are 30 yuan. Buying queues on the spot~~ You can also purchase tickets online. It seems that you can buy a few dollars cheaper~~ Scan QR code with free hand-painted map. Can be led ~~ Ningbo Tianyi Pavilion is worth seeing ~ the model of the collection of books ~ interesting floor pavilion design ~ in the Chengde Mountain Resort and the fake Tianyi Pavilion building ~ visible Tianyi Pavilion's prestige high ~ very recommended one Go~ It is best to find a explanation or a tour guide to listen to the story inside. It is very interesting~ The park can be visited in about 2 hours~


9, 371, 512 Road Tianyi Pavilion; 9, 10, 371, 380, 504, 512 Road Changchun Road (Ningbo National Inspection) Station


Full ticket: 30 RMB (January 1st - December 31st Monday-Sunday) Half-ticket: Full-time undergraduate and below students holding student ID; 60-69 year olds holding ID card or other valid documents free of charge: Holders of seniority or other valid docume

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1-3 Horus

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No. 10, Tianyi Street, Haishu District, Ningbo, Zhejiang, China