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Catholic Church


The Catholic Church was built in the 21st year of the Republic of China (1932) and was funded by the Vatican's Holy See. The church sits west to east, 15 meters high, the front three rooms are 17 meters wide and the deep three are 21 meters. The tree cross is directly above the gate, the next book is the word "Heavenly Church", and the middle layer is a plum-shaped round window. Stone-wood reinforced concrete mixed structure, herringbone roof truss, eucalyptus structure, canopy type, 12 windows on the left and right sides, square roof in the back hall, a pair of drums on both sides of the gate, the building area is 600 square meters. Renovated in 1996 for the Spanish Gothic style of the 15th century Renaissance. On the right side of the church is a building of the Polytechnic Building, which is a residence for clergy. It is listed as the key protection unit of cultural relics in Zhejiang Province and is the sixth batch of national key cultural relics protection units.



Evening photos, just near the old Bund, there is a parking lot


Take Bus No. 8 to get off at Bund Station and walk on foot.


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150 meters northwest of the intersection of Chengji Road and Fangxinyu Road