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Tantoushan Island


Tantoushan Island is composed of volcanic tuffs. The peaks are continuous, and there are 14 peaks below 100 meters. There are few flats. The vegetation between the mountains and the mountains is good, the bushes are thick, and the birds are fragrant. There are many bays in the island, natural rocks, caves and beaches are placed in it, like a beautiful picture of the sea landscape.



Two years ago, we stayed on this island for a day, the seafood dinner was good, and we also drank the bayberry wine. What is special is that the color of the sea here is different in the morning and afternoon. In the morning, it is yellow water. In the afternoon, it becomes blue and very beautiful. The reason is that the morning tide is high, and the yellow sea sand is topped up, causing sea water and Shipu. The sea in Hangzhou Bay has the same color as the sea, but after the ebb tide in the afternoon, the bay is facing the Pacific Ocean, facing away from the mainland, so that the sea water calms down and immediately shows a beautiful blue, so you must wait until the afternoon to see the island. sea. It was cool to swim at that time. Can't swim in the morning. At low tide, there are a lot of local people who rushed to the sea to dig dice on the beach. It is very interesting. They use a hoe to squat on the beach. When they listen to the sound, they know if there is any scorpion below.


Departure time from Shipu Pier: 8:00, 10:00, 13:30, 15:30, the return time from Tantoushan is delayed by one hour on the departure time, and the round-trip time is about 40 minutes. This round-trip cruise time is not fixed. According to the number of people on the island at any time, it is recommended to ask friends in the morning to buy tickets as soon as possible.


170 yuan, including round-trip ferry ticket, ticket to the island, transportation expenses on the island (on the island sightseeing car)

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0-0 Horus

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Attractions address

Tantoushan Island, Shipu Town, Xiangshan County, Ningbo City (near Dongmen Island)