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New Sanjiangkou Park


The three rivers of the Minjiang River, the Yaojiang River and the Fenghua River are concentrated in Ningbo, and the Sanjiang River is formed in the place where the Sanjiang River meets. The scenery there is very beautiful. The three administrative districts in the Ningbo area are divided according to the bank of the Sanjiangkou River. The east is the Jiangdong District, the southwest is the Haitang District, and the north is the Jiangbei District. Sanjiangkou is the earliest “Ningbo Port” port in Ningbo. It is from the foot of Lingqiao to the lower Baisha area in Jiangbei. In the 1970s, Ningbo has built a port passenger terminal, but this area is still berthing and very prosperous. People who know the history of Ningbo know that since ancient times, Mingzhou (Ningbo) has always been an extremely excellent port for China's opening to the outside world, especially to the Tang Dynasty. "Overseas mixed countries, Jiajiao handed over", Ningbo became a famous nation. The foreign trade port, along with Yangzhou and Guangzhou, was listed as the three major ports for China's opening up; in the Song Dynasty, it was also listed as the three major trading ports of China with Guangzhou and Quanzhou; after the Opium War, Ningbo was designated as “five trades”. One of the ports.



The terrain of the entire Sanjiangkou Park is undulating, more than 300 kinds of colorful seedlings are scattered, the waterfront is narrow and long, and the small sculptures full of life are distributed in trees and grasses, various forms of garden roads, sparse forests, The hydrophilic platform, the viewing wooden platform, the landscape fountain, the pavilion, the waterfront trail and the grass slope landscape form a landscape park with natural, wild and ecological forests. This Sanjiangkou is not the third river mouth. The Sanjiangkou, which is generally spoken by Ningbo people, refers to the place where the Fenghua River, Yuyao River, and Minjiang River meet, and is the most central location in Ningbo. The Sanjiangkou is actually the place where Yuyao River is forked. Yuyao River is divided into the main channel that divides the Jiangbei District and Haishu District, and the 5km long blind road in the Jiangbeiwantou area. However, Sanjiangkou Park was newly built in Sanjiangkou in the city center. People are also called Xinsanjiangkou Park. This time, it is even more difficult to distinguish the opposite side of Tianshuijiayuan Community. On the right is the Jiangcheng on the other side of Wantou Bridge. International. The river is clear and the river is like a dream. While enjoying the beautiful scenery on both sides of the river, the river flows quietly forward. It should be the widest section of the river on Yuyao River. This is the real Sanjiangkou, all of which are the reflections of a tall building and sky opposite the Dajiang Yaojiang. On the river surface, as the waves float slightly, Yaojiang wraps around the building like a streamer. The tranquil river is full of waves, and the thick green and blue sky are shining, shining beautifully. In the cold winter, the pure aloe sings and dances. The eager asparagus is eager to penetrate the dead branches and leaves. The river was clear, and the high-rise buildings, the dry reeds and the willows with the branches were shaken on the water. The river is horizontal like a mirror, and the opposite bank building and jungle are printed in the middle of the river. The sky is clear and the air is clear and refreshing. The river is undulating with reeds, gently swaying like a poem filled with poetry. ;


Take Subway Line 1 and get off at Dongmenkou (Tianyi Square) Station or take the bus to Qing'an Hall Station and get off at the station.


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Sanjiangkou, Jiangbei District, Ningbo City (near Tianyi Square)