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Zheng's seventeen rooms


Located in Zhangpu Town, Zheng’s 17th House is a large and well-preserved ancient building complex in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is the home of the local giant Zheng. Zheng Zunfa, the founder of the Hero Ink Factory, is one of them. There is a street in the house, a city in the street, and the horse head wall is towering and very tasteful. This place has filmed the TV series "Zheng's Seventeen Room", so it is also famous. After renovating in 2013 as Kaiyuan Resort, Zheng’s 17-room ticket was only used in the original one-third, but because some of the old houses were converted into resort rooms, the viewable landscape was also less. Today, half of the area is open to tourists, and half of it is an accommodation and dining area (five-star) that is only open to residents. Guests can enjoy free visits to the scenic spot. The scenic spot is divided into two areas by a waterway. If you don't enter the room, you can finish reading it on the street. Entering the scenic spot, the first visit to Zheng’s family is to see the kitchen of the year. In particular, the kitchen was deliberately not repaired. The stone pier, stove and some wreckage were exposed, and weeds were still growing on the wall. On the contrary, it seems to have a visual impact. After crossing the bridge, it was Ming and Qing Street. Because it was used as a shooting base, it still retains a lot of props used at the time. There are many creative tables and chairs. Many of the exterior walls of the house are decorated with beautiful posters of the Republican period.



Zheng's 17-room, quaint and beautiful environment, the hotel in the scenic area operated by Kaiyuan Group, the accommodation conditions are good, the breakfast is rich. There is also a restaurant that tastes good.


1. Zhenhai direction: 374 road to Zhengjia 17 Fangfang Station Village Station; 375 Road to the road along Zheng Station to get off 2. Ningbo direction: 370 Road to Zhangpu Huiyuan Market Station; 342 Road to Zheng's 17 You can get off at the parking lot of the scenic area parking lot.


Adult 20 yuan / person, child 10 yuan / person

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777 Kaiyuan Road, Zhenhai District, Ningbo City