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Tianxia Yuyuan


The development area of ​​Tianxia Yuyuan Tourism Scenic Area is 3,500 mu, with an investment of 650 million yuan. There are more than 20 major scenic spots in the scenic spot, which are dotted in the Jiulong Mountain where the mountains and rivers are stacked and the streams are flowing. It is known as the “first scene of Jiangnan in the new millennium”. Here is the world of jade. The collection of scenic spots shows more than 10,000 pieces of jade carvings, of which more than 100 pieces of large jade carvings are handed down. Here is a Buddhist holy place, Xiyin Temple, Jade Pagoda, and South Temple of Heaven have a thousand years of Buddhist cultural heritage. In 2002, it was rated as the largest in the world by the Kenis Headquarters of Shanghai World: the largest jade carving theme park - "Tianxia Yuyuan".



The weekend excursions did not report much hope, but it was a surprise for me. Weekend tour is a good place.


Take bus 613/611 to Shujiao


60 dollars

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0-0 Horus

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Under the Jiulong Mountain in Damin Town, Yuyao City, Ningbo City