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Open-air Maitreya Buddha


The open-air Maitreya Buddha is a masterpiece in the history of tourism development in Fenghua City, and it is also a cultural event for the future. It will play a positive role in promoting the development of Fenghua tourism industry, enhancing the cultural value of Fenghua city, and accelerating the pace of Fenghua's construction of a famous tourist city.



I don’t know when this big Buddha is located here. Although it’s a little shocking, the new things lack a sense of sedimentation. Maybe it’s only half a year later.


Bus line: No. 181 → Fenghua 25, the whole journey is about 42.0 km. 1. Walk about 1.3 km from Ningbo Station, arrive at Ningbo Railway Station 2. Take bus No. 181. After 11 stops, arrive at Fenghua Bus West Station 3. Walk about 10 meters. Arrive at Bus West Station 4, take Fenghua 25 Road, after 12 stops, arrive at Ziding Garden Station 5, walk about 1.2 km, and reach the open-air Maitreya Buddha


20 yuan / person

Time reference

0-0 Horus

Open time


Attractions address

Xuezuoshan, Xikou Town, Fenghua City, Ningbo City