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Nantang Old Street


Ningbo Nantang Old Street was developed and built by Ningbo Chenglv Investment Development Co., Ltd. It is located in the south gate of Ningbo Ancient City in Zhejiang Province. It used to be the “South Gate Three Cities” of the old Ningbo trade and cultural gathering place, and is one of the eight historical blocks in Ningbo. At the same time, it is also the “purple line planning” protection area of ​​Ningbo. It runs from north to south and is divided into two streets, south and north, with Zuguanshan Road as the boundary. The block has preserved more than 300 meters of traditional streets and lanes, with 1 cultural protection unit and 6 Wenbao points. The descendants of the famous scholar Yuan Yu of the Song Dynasty lived here. The existing Yuan family living houses in the area are the largest, including residential courtyards, ancestral halls, schools, etc. Others include Lishui Bridge, Yongshan Pavilion and Guanshen Temple. building. North Street is based on traditional culture, with business as its content and urban tourism as its development direction. South Street focuses on the concept of “urban leisure”, highlighting leisure life. On January 15, 2012, Nantang Old Street Phase I was grandly opened, passing through a hundred years, and the old streets were reborn. After the first phase of the street opened, a total of more than 20 shops took the lead in business. The first phase of the plan was based on catering and food. At the same time, some of Ningbo's old-name merchants were revived, and Ningbo Yijia, Zhao Dayou, Yizhai, and Caohu Food were introduced. Such as traditional catering brands and a group of gourmet foods with rich local characteristics, such as Ninghai Wufengtang, Yuyao Huangyu Noodles, Cicheng Four Seasons Sweet Rice Cake, etc., a total of more than 30 shops. On September 26, 2015, the second phase of Nantang Old Street officially opened after three years of planning and construction. The second phase of Nantang Old Street covers an area of ​​about 50,000 square meters with a total length of about 900 meters and a volume of three times that of the first phase. The building is mainly based on the style of Jiangnan dwellings in the Ming and Qing Dynasties. It is sporadic and interspersed with the architecture of the Republic of China. It has traditional architectural pieces such as stage, octagonal pavilion and wind and rain corridor.



Nantang Old Street is one of the eight historical districts in Ningbo, and its history can be traced back to the Southern Song Dynasty. However, unlike the traditional old street in the imagination, the ancient taste of Nantang Old Street is not outstanding. On the contrary, it is very modern commercialization. It is not an appropriate but very image. Nantang Old Street is like the old gate of Nanjing and Wuxi. Nanchan Temple, Xuzhou's opera horse station... The commercialized operation of the old street, although less traditional rendering of the traditional, but also meets the needs of people to eat. Nantang Old Street is composed of two parts: South Street and North Street. The North Street mainly includes food, catering, specialty products and other formats. The South Street is dominated by the B&B, coffee bar and light bar. When visiting North Street, passing an antique shop called Yongxiu Hall, the door was “free photo, welcome to visit” and the drums in the store attracted the sound. I found that this store, which mainly deals in antique calligraphy and painting, silk clothing, and tourist souvenirs, really has a hole in the sky. I have encountered the 100-year-old shop "Cylinder Duck Dog" in Ningbo. Even if it is full of fullness, I still don't want to miss this opportunity to taste the authentic Ningbo dumplings. Along the Nantang Old Street, I walked away from the north to the south. I took a street shot and I was happy. The block on the South Street is quite interesting, and compared to the crowds on the North Street, the night here is a bit more quiet and comfortable.


Take the bus to the bus Nantang Old Street Station, Yufeng Road Yinjiang Road, etc., and walk.



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