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Foreign trade

A few days ago, the municipal government issued a number of opinions on accelerating the transformation and upgrading of foreign trade and promoting the construction of a strong foreign trade market. Set general objective: after 3 years of efforts, in 2020 the total import and export of foreign trade to reach one trillion yuan, trade scale in the province, autonomous region or municipality directly under the central government and cities under separate state planning ranking to carry and foreign trade export accounts for the proportion in more than 3.3%.

To strengthen the construction of foreign trade operation entities, relevant departments should formulate supporting measures to form a comprehensive support effect. By 2020, strive to foreign trade strength benefit over RMB 50 billion yuan of enterprise sales five, imports and exports of eight more than 10 billion yuan, exports more than 5 billion yuan of eight, strive for more enterprises to enter the national top 500 foreign trade import and export.

Ten thousand enterprises trade growth plan ", each district county (city) according to the local foreign trade development characteristic and the advantage, develops the foreign trade high growth enterprise cultivation action. By 2020, the city will strive to have 25,000 import and export enterprises , and 200 enterprises with annual import and export exceeding 100 million us dollars. Support activities for small and medium-sized foreign trade enterprises were carried out, and foreign trade business training was organized at the municipal and county levels, with 10,000 person-times training in the city every year.

We will actively promote the business return of our city's foreign trade enterprises and the return of yongshang, which is engaged in foreign trade business. In ore, important means of production, electrical equipment, consumer goods, such as traders focused, vigorously attract Hong Kong , Singapore and other places of large trader to ningbo to set up operational headquarters, strive for three years to the introduction of years into the traders 10 exports over 100 million us dollars.

We will deeply develop market segments in developed countries in Europe and the United States, and strive for more products to enter middle and high-end markets and large business supply chain systems in developed countries in Europe and the United States. We will vigorously expand emerging markets in countries along the One Belt And One Road and increase the share of our exports in emerging markets such as central and eastern Europe, brics and asean. We will strengthen cooperation with relevant cities and carry out at least five One Belt And One Road friendly city ​​exchange visits every year. By 2020, the proportion of emerging market exports in our city will increase to 35%.

We will promote the market development plan for thousands of enterprises and hundreds of exhibitions. We will explore the formation of a number of self-organized overseas exhibitions, and cooperate with relevant trade promotion organizations at home and abroad to hold several exhibitions every year in countries along the "One Belt And One Road" in the form of "exhibitions and exhibitions". Enhance the influence of China international consumer goods fair and other local exhibitions.

Carry out "ningbo manufacturing" overseas promotion activities. We will support qualified enterprises to set up overseas warehouses in major export markets and strive to set up 100 overseas warehouses of a certain scale by 2020.

Combined with "made in China 2025" pilot demonstration city construction, to develop the new material, high-end equipment, optical electronics, integrated circuits, biological medicine, energy conservation, environmental protection and other high-tech industries, and encourages the export of complete sets of mechanical and electrical equipment, and constantly improve the proportion of high-tech products export. By 2020, the proportion of high-tech exports will reach 7.5%.

We will support enterprises in promoting brand building through independent cultivation and overseas acquisitions, and actively strive to create export brands in provinces and cities. By 2020, the number of "ningbo export famous brands" will reach 180, and the number of "zhejiang export famous brands "and" quality zhejiang goods "export leading enterprises will account for more than a quarter of the province's total.

We will attach importance to the soft power construction of r & d, technology, quality, brand, patents, standards and services, extend the value chain of our city's export products and increase the added value. We will deepen the construction of export product quality and safety demonstration areas.

We will stabilize imports of energy, minerals, food and other commodities and important means of production that are in short supply at home. We will encourage the import of advanced technology, key equipment and spare parts, and expand the import of mechanical and electrical products . We will vigorously develop markets for the trading of commodities, for the delivery of futures and for the trading of production materials.

We will increase imports of general consumer goods and gradually increase the share of imports of medium-and high-end consumer goods. We will make full use of the import port policies for the eight designated commodity import ports in ningbo to expand the import scale of goods such as automobiles, seedlings, aquatic products, meat, fruits and pet food.

We will accelerate the development of import platforms in four key areas, namely ningbo bonded area, ningbo exhibition center, meishan bonded port area and ningbo airport port. We will deepen the construction of the national import trade promotion innovation demonstration area and the establishment of national famous brand demonstration area in the ningbo bonded area, and expand the business scale of the import source platform.

"16 + 1" economic and trade cooperation demonstration zone construction, after 3 years hard work, ningbo to become the first choice for central and eastern Europe goods to enter the Chinese market, the first choice for two-way investment between China and the central and eastern Europe countries cooperation, cultural exchanges between China and the central and eastern Europe countries. We will enhance the effectiveness of the china-ceec investment and trade fair and strive to upgrade it to a national level. In 2020, ningbo import and export trade with central and eastern Europe countries strive to reach $ 4.5 billion, the annual increase of 15%, accounting for the proportion of the country reached 5%, ningbo from eastern European countries import trade doubled, the new central and eastern Europe exhibition center 2, 3 that deal in imported goods.

We will promote the coordinated development of trade in services and goods, raise the value of trade in goods in services, and increase exports of trade in services by more than 10% annually.

We will deepen the construction of comprehensive test areas for cross-border e-commerce, and create new regulatory mechanisms and policy systems that are appropriate to the development of cross-border e-commerce. Foster cross-border electricity industry cluster, industrial parks and leading enterprises, speed up the construction of platform, logistics, payment for the integration of cross-border electronic business service system, such as improving cross-border electricity statistics and monitoring system. By 2020, the total import and export volume of cross-border e-commerce will exceed us $ 25 billion, with an annual growth rate of more than 30%.

We will innovate the regulatory model for foreign trade integrated service enterprises and accelerate the replication of national pilot experience in promoting foreign trade integrated service enterprises. We will cultivate a number of influential and brand-name foreign trade comprehensive service demonstration enterprises, and by 2020, the city will strive to have 15 foreign-trade comprehensive service enterprises with annual import and export volume exceeding us $ 100 million.

Taking advantage of the existing advantages of ningbo zhoushan port, we will greatly expand the function of ningbo port entrepot (offshore) trade. We will actively pursue national pilot policies, explore institutional innovations in the regulation of goods, financial services, tax and exemption, and optimize the development environment for re-export (offshore) trade.

We will expand the use of foreign capital, improve the quality of foreign investment, and give full play to the role of foreign investment in trade in goods and services. Promoting innovative development of processing trade; To guide enterprises to carry out foreign investment and overseas project contracting in a healthy and orderly manner; Encourage private enterprises to cooperate with foreign capital and invest abroad.

We will guide foreign trade production enterprises to gather and develop in development zones and foreign trade bases. To organize the establishment of demonstration bases for transformation and upgrading of foreign trade and promote the construction of a new round of 10 national demonstration bases for transformation and upgrading of foreign trade. By 2020, the city will strive to build 15 foreign trade optimization and upgrading bases with distinctive features and leading technological innovation in the concentration of export industries.

We will deepen the construction of major customs clearance at the ningbo port, establish sound cooperation with neighboring ports and inland ports, and gradually expand the scope of goods for direct import and export. We will establish a number of import commodities trading markets with sales exceeding 10 billion yuan and form important domestic commodity import distribution centers.

We will strengthen cooperation among all the port supervision and service departments, integrate and optimize customs clearance business processes, increase input in informatization and intelligence, and realize "information exchange, mutual recognition of supervision and mutual assistance in law enforcement". In 2018, we will strive to reduce customs clearance preparation and lift time by one-third. By 2020, ningbo port clearance efficiency will be in the forefront of the country.

On the basis of controllable risks, we will further simplify export tax rebate procedures and improve the level of facilitation of export tax rebate. We will implement various national reform measures on foreign exchange management, encourage foreign trade enterprises to settle cross-border RMB transactions and enrich cross-border RMB financing products. We will support foreign trade enterprises in using foreign exchange and futures products to avoid exchange rate and price risks. To have the order, the benefit is good, the innovation ability strong foreign trade enterprise provides the financing privilege benefit and the convenience. We will expand the financing scale of pledges in export tax rebate accounts and export credit insurance policies.

We will build a more transparent and standardized law enforcement environment for foreign trade, and further promote the reform of the "run once at most" and the reform of the business system in foreign trade. We will establish and improve the regulatory review mechanism for foreign trade policies. We will strengthen the mechanism for protecting intellectual property rights and the integrity system in foreign trade. We will deepen efforts to reduce costs and burdens in the field of foreign trade and effectively reduce the burden on foreign trade enterprises