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Hall of Fame
  • Yu Qiuyu was born in yuyao county, zhejiang province on August 23, 1946. He is a famous contemporary cultural scholar, theorist, cultural historian, writer and essayist.

    Graduated from the department of drama and literature of Shanghai drama academy in 1966. In 1980, successively published the history of drama theory, the history of Chinese drama culture, and the aesthetic psychology of drama. He became the youngest liberal arts professor in mainland China in 1985. In 1986, he was awarded the top ten academic elites in Shanghai. In 1987, he was awarded the honorary title of national outstanding contribution expert.

  • Fang xiaoru (1357-1357)

    NingHai, minister of the Ming dynasty, scholars, writers, essayist, thinker, word straight, a word, ancient, tzu chi, with its den, "Nicholson volunteers" name for his hometown of old Gou town, therefore calls "Mr Gou city "; For teaching at hanzhong government timing, shu offer gave its DouShuChu is" learning ", which is also also called" Mr Is learning ", because I refused to start after" to "" acceded to the throne prince zhu di draft letters, all students involved in the relatives and friends more than 870 people were killed, becoming the only one in the history of Chinese is the "over ten tribe". King fu posthumously posthumously posthumously named wen zheng.

  • Chiang kai-shek (31 October 1887-5 April 1975)

    Whose name is Chiang kai-shek and whose name is Chiang kai-shek. Young name ruiyuan, spectrum name zhou tai, academic name zhiqing. Originally from yixing, jiangsu province, was born in fenghua, zhejiang province, is a famous modern Chinese political figures and strategist, successive whampoa military academy President, chairman of the national revolutionary army commander in chief, the national government, executive director, the national government military commission chairman, super general of the republic of China, the Chinese kuomintang President,-the head of the youth league, the second world war, allied Chinese theater commander in chief, President of the republic of China.

  • Wang shougren (October 31, 1472-January 9, 1529)

    Han nationality, young name yun, word boan, other name Yang Ming. Yuyao county, shaoxing city, zhejiang province (now part of ningbo yuyao county), was named yangmingzi by scholars as Mr. Yang Ming, also known as wang yangming, for having built a house in the yangming cave of huijishan mountain. The famous thinkers, writers, philosophers and militarists of the Ming dynasty, the master of lu's mind science, were proficient in Confucianism, Taoism and Buddhism