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After 30 years, rearrange the young passers-in to lead the protagonist 2013-05-14


Yesterday, the reporter saw in the Ningbo City Opera Troupe that the youth idol version of "Snail Girl" was being rehearsed under the direction of the director. "Tianlu Girl" is derived from the folklore of Zhedong. It is a well-known mythical drama of the opera. In the 1980s, "Tianlu Girl", which was adapted into a TV series of dramas, won the second prize of the Flying Award. This re-arrangement, this classic of the drama will be a time-honored youth idol drama. On June 24th and 25th, the show will be performed at the Shaw Theatre. According to the famous drama master Wang Jinwen, several generations of pipa artists have performed "Tianlu Girl". In the 1950s, the names of the operas Wang Liping and Yu Shengchun played Tian Luo, Xie Duan and Xu Qiuxia played Xie. In the 1980s, it was played by famous actors such as Bei Wenqin and Yan Jie. In 1987, Yan Jie, Chen Shasha and Cao Dingying also filmed the TV drama of the same name. Each generation of actors has different styles and characteristics. This rehearsal of "Tian Luo Girl" is the fourth version of the eighth generation of actors. The average age of the youth idol version of "Tian Luo Girl" is only 23 years old. In the play, Tian Luo girl and Xie Duan are played by Zhang Xinyi and Su Xing respectively. Dai Bihong, Yang Qiner and Liu Ying respectively play Xie Mu, Jin Million and Ma Jin. Among them, Zhang Xinyi and Su Xing once worshipped Wang Jinwen and Yang Liuting at the 60th anniversary celebration of the establishment of the troupe. After the teaching of the two teachers, there was no small progress in the stage skills and performance skills. After 30 years, Ningbo men accordance with the "snail girl" wives standard for 30 years, Ningbo classic drama complex row for the first time all-beautiful young actor Source: Modern Gold Report Date: 2013-05-14 Author: Dana "snail girl" The story has been popular for a long time, and it has a special affinity for Ningbo people, because this beautiful story is in the area around the Lijiang River. In the 1950s, Wang Liping and other starring drama "Tianlu Girl" became a household drama in Jiangsu and Zhejiang. In the 1980s, the drama "Tianlu Girl", which was adapted from it, won the second prize of the Flying Award, and once again let the story of "Tianlu Girl" shine all over the country. The reporter was informed yesterday that 30 years later, the Ningbo Opera Troupe will rehearse the drama "Tian Luo Girl". A male citizen who had a deep affection for "Tianlu Girl" said yesterday that "30 years ago, men looking for their wives were in accordance with the standard of 'Tianlu Girl'. After 30 years, 'Tianlu girl' is your dish?" The new version of "Tianlu Girl" will premiere at the Shaw Theatre on June 24th and 25th. "Tianlu Girl" is a classic repertoire of the drama. The story of "Tianlu Girl" was originally spread in the folk. After the interpretation of the drama in the 1950s and the TV series in the 1980s, this myth is known to all ages in Ningbo. I haven't thought that after 30 years, there are still many viewers who are thinking about this drama. Wang Jinwen, a famous dramatist, said that when they went to the countryside, they often met fans and asked when they could see "Tianlu Girl" on the stage. It was because of the fans’ love and expectation that they made up their minds to rehearse the "Snail Girl". . Some viewers born in the 1950s and 1960s were very excited about the new version of "Tianlu Girl" when interviewed by reporters yesterday. Huang Youfen, a movie fan, said, "The traditional classic repertoire of "Small Scissors" and "Five Women's Birthday" is often seen on the stage during the holiday, but "Tianlu Girl" has not performed in 30 years, we are too I want to see the rehearsal." Xie Xiaofeng after the 80s also said that he had seen the TV series "Snail Girl". For their 70s and 80s, when they saw the actor returning home, they had a table of ready-made meals, making young The heart hides a dream, and later finds a wife who is as beautiful, hardworking, and kind as a girl like Tian Luo. The youth version of "Tian Luo Girl" created this time is starred by the best young actors in the troupe, with an average age of 25 years. In the play, the protagonists "Tianlu Girl" and "Xie Duan" were played by Zhang Xinyi and Su Xing respectively. Wang Jinwen sighed that the young actors of the drama had a good time. "We had to run the seven or eight years of dragons to have the opportunity to be the protagonist. Now the group attaches great importance to the training of young actors, and once they have new plays, they will be given opportunities to exercise. "For the snail girl who is a young performer, Wang Jinwen believes that there is an advantage. "Whether it was a drama or a TV series, the reason why the 'Tianlu girl' can be popular all over the country, one of the big reasons is also because the actors are beautiful and beautiful. Each looks very eye-catching and impressive.” The youth version of “Tianlu Girl” invited the famous screenwriter Hu to re-edit the script and compress the original story of more than three hours to more than two hours. The director invited Wang Ying, who was honored with “National 30 Young Director Artists”, to inject more youth and pioneering flavor into “Tian Luo Girl”. In the 1950s, Wang Liping played the role of “Tianlu Girl”, and in the 1980s she was starred in Chen Shasha in the TV series. Where are the "Tianlu girls" now? Wang Jinwen revealed that some of the retired “Tianlu girls” have already changed their careers. “Mr. Wang Liping is now in her 70s. Last year, we also invited her to participate in the celebration of the 60th anniversary of the troupe. The TV series 'Tianlu girl' Chen Shasha is currently Ningbo TV station work." When the new version premiered, several "Tianlu girls" are expected to meet and meet the audience.