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The 9th Minor Reading Festival started 2013-05-14


Yesterday, with the "Touching Story Around You - The 3rd Little Mr. Booklet" competition held in the city library, the 9th Minor Reading Festival in Ningbo kicked off. During the Ninth Minor Reading Festival, the City Library will launch the "Balaba ABC" Children's English Party, the 24-hour self-help library experience for small readers, the "Micro-Movie" contest, and "Reading Let the Thoughts Fly"-- The small creators are imagining activities, "I am looking for a new home for books", children's book exchange, and the 5th "Reading Music" photography competition excellent works exhibition and many other activities. Yesterday's little classmates contest, more than 100 students from more than 30 primary schools in the city participated in the preliminary round, and finally 15 players stood out and entered the finals. Also, the launching ceremony of the Haishu District Minor Reading Festival was held yesterday. This book festival will hold a children's excellent reading book fair, a network of minors' civilized etiquette knowledge, a youth growth forum, a lecture on "Care for Life and Civilization", and a "heart-to-heart experience." "Happy reading" essay contest, "smart caravan" good book exchange, "red memory" film week, "heart to heart, hand in hand" book mobile car to send books to the film to migrant children's school and other nearly 20 activities.