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Cultural creativity, opening up a new blue ocean - exploring the market segment of the cultural industry development path (1) 2013-05-14


On the eve of the "May 1st", Ningbo Yinghuang Dance Culture Communication Co., Ltd. participated in the filming of the micro-film "Hua Tian Xi Shi" and "Love has God", which was launched in the micro-film experience area of ​​Xiangshan Film and Television City. In Hefeng Creative Square, the company invested 750 square meters of wedding culture experience area to put into use, providing photography, makeup, wedding, training and other services for newcomers. From the performance of the dance performance to the micro-movie and wedding business, the Emperor Dance Beauty has taken a diversified path around cultural content innovation. "On March 8 this year, the company was established just over five years ago. We counted it. In the past five years, we have accumulated more than 1200 performances, and the annual business income has increased from 100 million yuan at the time of the initial creation to over 10 million yuan." Located in the office on the 4th floor of Ningbo Book City, Chairman Liang Liang looked out at the Lijiang River outside the window. At the beginning of 2008, several young people from the Cultural Center went to the sea to create the “Beauty of the Emperor”. He won the bid for the cultural activities such as the Ningbo Huimin Performance Project, and took over the design and layout of the first Ningbo International Tourism Promotion Conference and the four consecutive Zhejiang Red Eagle Rose Wedding Ceremony. He organized the Swedish Jazz Orchestra and the American Fox White Tiger Brothers Magic Group.甬Performance... For several years, the company has become famous and has become a company with a certain influence in the performing arts and exhibition industry in the province. "We have found in practice that in recent years, the cultural needs of the people of Yucheng have become increasingly diversified, and the cultural content industry is very eager to go." Yan Liang told reporters that especially after the country introduced the "Cultural Industry Revitalization Plan", Ningbo's performing arts and exhibitions Industries such as creative, animation games and Internet information services have developed rapidly, and a large number of cultural content production enterprises have appeared on the market. Ningbo Kacool Animation Production Co., Ltd., located in Zhangzhou Animation Industry Base, is one of the new students mentioned by Yu Liang. In early 2009, several industry insiders who liked animation and games teamed up to create "Kanku Animation." At that time, the animation industry in Shanghai, Beijing and Hangzhou was in full swing, and the industry in Ningbo was just getting started. “For more than four years, we have devoted ourselves to the development of animations and derivatives on local subjects. For example, “The Coco Roaming of the Circle” has selected representative stories from Ningbo history to be adapted and used the wheat ring, cocoa and their pet puppy meatballs. Let's connect these stories together and let the readers understand Ningbo in a big laugh." Yao Lin, the general manager who just returned from the inspection of Cambodia's Angkor, said. At present, Ka Kuo Animation has produced a series of animation works such as "Mako Coco" series, Yue opera animated "Peacock Southwest Fly", and aimed at the downstream of the animation industry chain, and developed a series of comic strips, educational pocket books, binding animation books and Mobile game products, etc., strive to construct a complete animation industry chain. "Currently, the development of the cultural industry is facing an unprecedented opportunity. We will take root in the cultural industry, deepen our products and content, and open up our own 'blue sea'." For the future, Yan Liang and Yao Lin are full of confidence. Opinion: Using the creative wings to make the big cultural cake “Emperor Dance Beauty” and “Ka Cool Animation” took four or five years to achieve leap-forward development. The case of the two companies at least gave us two inspirations: First, the cultural industry has huge market space. The development prospects are broad and can be grown into pillar industries. Second, whether cultural enterprises have a market or whether they are competitive or not, the key is to look at cultural content and creativity. A cultural enterprise is a smart enterprise, and its content is its life. The most important point for Ningbo cultural enterprises to achieve catch-up development and rapid growth is content innovation. This is the soul of a cultural enterprise, and it is also the core competitiveness. Only by continuously promoting product innovation, service innovation, technological innovation, and marketing model innovation can we win the market. On the other hand, the main body of innovation is people, what kind of talents they have, and directly determine the vitality of cultural enterprises. To this end, enterprises must be arrogant and talented, and only in this way can they support their own leap-forward development. (Nong Guixin, Director of Research Department of the Municipal Government Development Research Center, and Associate Researcher)