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Facing the market performing arts industry, sailing and sailing - exploring the development path of cultural industry (Part II) 2013-05-14


At the Ningbo Municipal Conference on Accelerating Cultural Industry Development held on the 9th, Ningbo Performing Arts Group won the Best Innovation Award, and Group Chairman Zou Jianhong won the Best Promotion Award. As the "first crab-eater" in the reform of the city's literary and art system, the city performing arts group realized the rapid development of the industry in ten years: when the enterprise was transformed into a restructuring in September 2003, the city song and dance troupe was less than 100 people, and the performance income was less than one million yuan; In December 2012, it has developed into a large-scale performing arts group integrating Ji Yue opera, drama, and dance drama. The performance income exceeds 33 million yuan. "Ten years of reform and innovation have left us a valuable asset. This is the basis and driving force for our progress." Zou Jianhong said, "The performing arts group should speed up the transformation of its system and mechanism, and must use its brains in its own development. Our own hematopoietic function should work hard to find a breakthrough in the content industry. Compared with developed countries, our industry has a big gap. Only by strengthening and growing up can we cope with the impact of foreign culture and protect our traditional excellent national culture. Zou Jianhong, who just returned from studying in the United States to study the cultural industry, was very emotional. “Last year, the group has won two national awards. This year, we will continue to work on both sides to create a troupe brand with a fine drama, and drive the market development with the brand effect.” Zou Jianhong’s heart has drawn a new blueprint for the performing arts group. "First of all, we must be bigger and stronger, focus on the creation of the repertoire, and expand the performance market. This year, we will launch three major dramas, Yue Opera, Yu Opera, and Opera. We will also launch the 'Natural Stage' in the form of performances such as comedy, drama, and other popular people. Performing live performances every day to attract the public to enter the theater. In addition, we must revitalize the new theaters in the central cities and towns of Ningbo counties (cities) and the original 'Donghai Mingzhu' engineering theater, and send the stage art products to the doorsteps of the people to realize the fine arts and crafts. The seamless docking of ordinary people makes the central town theater truly become the cultural and entertainment center of the people. At the same time, the industrial chain of dance beauty, wedding, convention and exhibition planning, art training and so on continues to develop.” Zou Jianhong also looks at the whole country and the world, “ It is necessary to boldly break the original geographical relationship, such as the cooperation between Ningbo Xiaobaihua Yue Opera Troupe and the provincial and foreign theaters, to create a 'trooper alliance' to promote the integration of resources in marketing, repertoire, and actors. During the trip, I also talked with the New York University School of Art about the cooperation agreement, and asked them to plan and create a foreign adaptation. The stage art works with the Chinese culture as the element create an international performance team, extend the industrial chain to foreign countries, and truly let Chinese culture go out.” Viewpoint enhances the performance industry itself “hematopoietic function” Looks at the whole country, Ningbo performing arts industry On the whole, there are still problems such as the small scale of the cultural industry, the insufficient linkage within the industrial chain, and the low level of market activity. How to make the Ningbo performing arts industry and form its influence in the country is a need to constantly think. And the subject of exploration. In the absence of any benchmark, Ningbo Performing Arts Group takes the initiative to undertake the reform of the cultural system reform of state-owned professional art academies, innovating the company model, reforming the distribution mechanism, creating fine repertoires, transforming business ideas, integrating national resources, expanding international markets, and exploring Diversified development. This kind of beneficial exploration of continuously improving its "hematopoietic function" not only provides reference for the development of Ningbo performing arts industry, but also promotes the healthy and sustainable development of Ningbo performing arts and culture industry. (Wang Zhiming, deputy inspector of Ningbo Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau)