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This weekend, four lectures landed in Yucheng 2013-05-14


This weekend, Ningbo is full of “cultural taste”. Four lectures will be launched in Yucheng – both “Ningbo and Maritime Silk Road”, “Wooden Huaxia – Baoguo Temple Hall and China Ancients” "Building", there is also the "Hundreds of Lectures" leader Zhao Yuping and Ningbo citizens to share the wisdom of Chinese studies, interested citizens can go to listen to these lectures. Time: 9:30 am, May 18 Venue: Speaker of the Academic Report Hall, 5th Floor, Ningbo Museum: Professor of History Department of Ningbo University, and Gong Yi, Dean of Zhejiang East Culture and Overseas Chinese Research Institute. What is the unique position of Ningbo on the Maritime Silk Road? Professor Gong Wei will tell the city people about the origin of Ningbo and the Maritime Silk Road. Time: 2:00 pm, May 18 Venue: Speaker Hall, 3rd Floor, Ningbo Library: Guo Shiyou is a Ph.D. in history and a Distinguished Professor of Tongji University. He is mainly engaged in the study of modern Chinese history and Chinese legal history, as well as historical philosophy and Chinese studies. I have been selected as one of the “Top 10 Most Popular Teachers” by China University of Political Science and Law. Time: 2:00 pm, May 18 Location: 3rd Floor, Zhangzhou Book City Speaker: Professor of Management, Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications, Doctor of Chinese Studies, Dr. Zhao Yuping. He was invited to be a guest of CCTV's "Hundreds of Lectures" and gave a series of programs such as "Bringing wisdom to Zhuge Liang", "Managing with Sima Yi", and "Inspiration from Cao Cao". He was named "China's Top Ten National Studies Experts" by Yi Zhongtian together with Yi Zhongtian. Time: 2:00 pm, May 19 Venue: Speaker Hall, 3rd Floor, Ningbo Library: Zhang Shiqing, Distinguished Professor of Changjiang Scholars, Institute of Architecture, Southeast University, engaged in architectural history and theoretical research, teaching and architectural design. At the end of 2012, Professor Zhang Shiqing completed and published the book "Research and Analysis and Basic Research of Ningbo Temple Hall" after years of empirical research on the Baoji Temple Northern Song Dynasty Hall.