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There will be 5 new pavilions in the hot public in Zhangzhou. 2013-05-16


To celebrate the "5·18" International Museum Day, yesterday, the museum commendation event was held in Yinzhou District, and seven private museums in the district were commended. As the only “Hometown of Chinese Museum Culture” in the province, there are currently more than 30 museums built and under construction (prepared for construction) in Zhangzhou District, including 23 private museums, accounting for more than half of all citizens’ museums. Ceramics, straw, folk houses, farming, geology and mineral resources, educated youth culture, marriage customs, classical furniture, wood carvings, paintings and calligraphy, etc., rich in regional culture. The free opening of various private museums and the continuous public welfare activities have enriched the cultural life of the masses. Huamao Art Museum's "Zhejiang Flower and Bird Painter's Works Tour", "Jiangxi Wang Dinghai Ancient Ceramics Collection Exhibition", "Xiangshan Wang Xiangchun Personal Flower and Bird Painting Exhibition", and "Ningbo Senior University Zhiqing Painting and Calligraphy Exhibition" by the educated youth museum, The clothing museum's “Lu Jiyong Jiang Nanxi Exhibition”, “Zhao Xuelin Ironing Exhibition”, “Zheng Renshan Finger Painting Exhibition”, and the “Music Museum into the School” of the Ceramic Culture Art Museum attracted a large number of citizens. In addition, the private museum has also become a new business card in the city. For example, the Huang Gulin Straw Museum participated in the China National Textile Home Furnishing Expo held in Shanghai this year and the 9th China China Time-honored Boutique Expo held in Hangzhou, which made Huang Gulin a great draft. Consumers praised and became the only award-winning brand in Ningbo; many works of the Jinyin Caixiu Art Museum won the Gold Medal of China Arts and Crafts Boutique Expo. The hot-selling museum in Yinzhou District is in full swing. It is reported that there will be five private museums in the district this year, including its Stone Carving Art Museum, Xuecai Museum, Wangsheng Dake Culture Museum, Gengze Stone Carving Museum, World Kitchen Culture Museum, and the whole district. On average, about 30,000 people own a museum that reaches the level of developed countries.