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Waste turned into an "artwork" and "cultural and creative market" 2013-05-16


Weaving the old telephone line into a "Dragon" red column, a 1:1 simulation ostrich with waste wool, a chair made of old clothes, a vase made of waste newspapers... Yesterday, "Summer Culture Collection 2013 The city opened in Ningbo Museum. It is reported that the event brings together more than 300 creative works of Ningbo University Science and Technology College graduates and the creative achievements of Wenchuang Enterprise of Ningbo National University Science and Technology Park, which will last until June 15. In the exhibition hall, a weird black chair attracted the attention of the reporter. It looks ordinary, looks like a classic old-fashioned wooden chair, but it uses a "wooden strip" that is very thick, and the color is very strange - it is not a single color, black will appear irregularly red, green, yellow, etc. color". The author of the chair, Chen Jiaming, a student of the Ningda School of Design, said that the chair was made by collecting 300 pieces of used clothes and then cutting them in resin. “I found that girls changed clothes very hard, so I collected these waste clothes and made this chair. These colors are the original colors of the clothes.” In the exhibition of “Condensation- Recording Happiness Instant,” 400 drops of water The pendant hangs down from the ceiling like a rain shower that has been pressed. At the bottom of each drop-shaped pendant, there is a stick figure that represents happiness. Sitting on a chair directly below the pendant, looking up, all eyes are happy. The creator of the work is Zhou Shiyuan, a female professional in design. She said that the reason for this work is that she has a good wish, that is, to retain the moment of happiness. Water drop pendant works