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Building a City of Quality and Building a Happy Homeland——One of the Reports on the Construction of Public Culture Service System in Cixi City 2013-05-16


Zhejiang Cixi is located on the south bank of Hangzhou Bay. It is said that Dong Han’s Dongying Daxie Xishui is filial and kind, so he has this city named after Cixi. From the germination of "Xixiao", the seeds of culture grow on the land of the sea: the celadon culture exudes a long-lasting charm; the immigrant culture interprets the pioneering spirit; the culture of the encirclement reproduces the wonders of humanity. The completion of the Hangzhou Bay Bridge has integrated this land into the two-hour traffic circle of Ningbo, Hangzhou and Shanghai. Cixi has become a bright pearl in the south wing of the Yangtze River Delta, and the culture has also sneaked into the society with the spring and rain. Every aspect of life. As an advanced county in national culture, Cixi officially launched the establishment of the Zhejiang Provincial Public Cultural Service System Demonstration Zone in August 2011. Over the past year, Cixi City's cultural departments and units have cooperated with each other and the public cultural service system has achieved remarkable results. Public cultural facilities network upgrades This year, Cixi City Wenguang New Bureau launched the “Double Ten Doubles” appraisal activity. This appraisal activity is based on the achievements of grassroots cultural construction in the past 10 years. It is used to subsidize and reward the establishment and evaluation of the “Top Ten Cultural Pearls”, “Top Ten Cultural Pearl Enterprises”, “Hundred Excellent Cultural and Sports Teams” and “100 Excellent Cultural and Sports Cores”, aiming to improve the grassroots cultural construction work and cultivate grassroots culture in Cixi City. Building highlights and enhancing grassroots cultural creativity and radiation. Prior to this, the grassroots cultural facilities network in Cixi City has basically achieved full coverage: in 2009, the town (street) comprehensive cultural station realized full coverage, and in 2011 the village cultural palace (community cultural activity center) achieved full coverage, in 2012 the town (street The public library-level branch office realizes full coverage, and basically forms a network of cultural facilities covering cities, towns (streets) and villages (communities). At the municipal level, the construction of the iconic cultural facilities in Cixi has been accelerated, and the “four halls, two palaces, one hospital and one city” have been formed (Cixi Cultural Center, Library, Museum, Chen Zhifo Art Museum, Youth Palace, Workers Culture Palace, Cixi) At the core of the Painting Academy and Cixi Book City, the cultural facilities are based on the cultural squares such as Lushan, Libo, New Century and Jiaochangshan in the urban area. At the same time, the cultural and commercial districts with a total investment of over 2.2 billion yuan are “one hospital.” A series of large-scale cultural facilities with distinctive features and complete functions, such as the Cixi Grand Theatre, Science and Technology Museum, Museum, City Exhibition Hall, Sports Gymnasium, Mass Cultural Activity Center, Youth Activity Center, and Women's Activity Center. It has been fully launched. At the town and village level, cultural facilities have also been continuously strengthened. The total area of ​​the town (street) comprehensive cultural station has reached 98,000 square meters, and the total area of ​​village-level cultural positions has reached 116,000 square meters, ranking first in the province. There are 5 provincial comprehensive cultural stations, 13 first-level comprehensive cultural stations, 8 provincial-level cultural demonstration villages (communities) and 40 cultural demonstration villages in Ningbo. In addition to the comprehensive construction of traditional cultural facilities, in recent years, the construction of grassroots cultural facilities in Cixi has innovated and developed on the basis of the original. For example, relying on the public libraries of the city and town, the library reading room of the village cultural center (community cultural activity center), the construction of public electronic reading rooms at all levels has been greatly developed; on the basis of the original farmer's bookstore, the province has been established. A mobile digital farmer's bookstore...The promotion and development of cultural facilities has provided sufficient material and institutional guarantees for grassroots cultural activities. Public cultural brand activities are exciting. In recent years, Cixi City has made remarkable achievements in building public cultural service system, and has made remarkable achievements in the construction of public cultural service brands. The elaborate cultural brands have gradually appeared in front of people. The “culture of peasants” and the cultural activities of the new Cixi people began in 2004 and have been successfully held for 9 consecutive years. Through a series of activities, the peasant masses and the new Cixi people have provided a stage and space for full display and self-expression; The Shanglin Rhyme “Traditional Festival Square Cultural Series began in 2007. The activity is based on the principle of “facing the grassroots, facing the masses, moving up and down, and culturally walking”, passing through the city, town (street) and village (community) levels. During the major festivals throughout the year, in the form of a series of various activities, the city and town two cultural squares and the village-level Cultural Palace Square set up a show; since 2004, Cixi City has been unremittingly carrying out "come to the stars" The culture sends hundreds of villages to the large-scale public welfare culture to benefit the people. It sends 1,000 free games to the countryside every year, sends more than 200 games at the grassroots level, and delivers more than 4,000 movies. It realizes at least two games per administrative village or community. A drama or aatrical performance, at least one movie per month. In addition, every three years of the city art festival, the biennial celadon culture festival, the Cixi Youth Song Competition that has been singing for 11 years, and the “Three North Forum” and “Ci Tu Exhibition” have also been deeply rooted in the hearts of the people. . Cixi also holds more than 100 public welfare trainings for “People Classrooms” every year, more than 40 public welfare exhibitions, and more than 50 performances of elegant art performances; annual special funds of 500,000 yuan will be arranged to strengthen the painting of farmers, paper-cutting, dragon boats, car lights, The protection and development of non-material cultural heritage such as folk art and art; in the past three years, 340 sets of square activity sounds have been given, and the value of books is more than 2.6 million yuan. At the same time, the cultural activities at the grassroots level are also bright spots. "Xufu Cultural Festival" in Longshan Town, "Drama Art Festival" in Kandun Street, "Peach Blossom Festival" in Zhangqi Town, "Buddhist Culture Festival" in Shengshan Town, "Wei Culture Art Festival" in Guanhaiwei Town, Changhe Town The "Vietnamese genre contest" and the "Lanjie Folk Culture Festival" in Tianyuan Town are all highlighting the personality of regional culture and the charm of folk art, attracting tens of thousands of people to participate and watch. Innovation and Development of Public Cultural Services Since 2005, Cixi City has successively issued "Several Opinions on Prospering Cultural Business and Developing Cultural Industry", "Decision on Reform and Innovation to Promote Cultural Development and Prosperity", and "Implementation Opinions on Supporting Cultural Development and Prosperity", A series of policy measures, such as the "Decision on Accelerating the Construction of a Strong City to Create a Humanistic Cixi". Since 2008, the municipal finance has arranged 30 million yuan of special cultural development support funds every year to continuously promote the development of cultural undertakings. Cixi City has achieved certain results in the establishment of public welfare services, the production of cultural products, the docking of supply and demand, and the innovation of means and forms. It has built a large number of grassroots cultural facilities and produced a variety of cultural products, forming a " Sending, running, and creating a three-link cultural product supply network and a flexible cultural facility service network that combines “point, line, and surface” has achieved good social benefits. At the same time, as a major town of the private economy, the enthusiasm of Cixi's social forces to participate in the construction of public culture is growing. The villagers watched the drama boss to pay, the private museum opened to the outside world, the enterprise sponsored the title of the grassroots cultural facilities and the book to the library (room)... The participation of social forces and private capital investment gradually occupied a pivotal position in public cultural services. At present, there are more than 150 cultural pearl enterprises in Cixi. Faced with this situation, Cixi City has adopted a competitive mechanism, bidding for the market, and adopting project subsidies and subsidies to achieve the diversification of public cultural service providers through various forms such as on-demand production, counterpart distribution, and chain services. And the variety of supply methods. In order to better meet the most basic cultural rights and cultural needs of the masses and further improve the public cultural service capacity and level of Cixi City, in early 2013, Cixi Public Cultural Service Center was formally established. The service center takes "the supply and demand of the masses, product marketization, service network" as the basic operational idea, and the existing hardware resources such as cultural and sports facilities, equipment and other various levels, folk art, literary and art teams (programs), cultural counseling talents The integration of software resources, in the form of supply and demand docking, menu-based distribution for the grassroots units and the masses to choose. After the establishment of the Public Cultural Service Center, Cixi will also actively explore the public cultural service operation mode of “the masses recognize the products, the government supports the delivery service, and the market operation is strong”, combined with the “four hundred” (people's classroom, the people's exhibition hall, the people's stage, The people's bookstore) Huimin project, hundreds of thousands of movies into the countryside, hundreds of literature and art books to send grassroots, cultural love card distribution and many other cultural benefits projects, to create a comprehensive supply network of public cultural products. The strategic requirements of new urbanization and regional linkage development provide a development platform for Cixi cultural prosperity. During the “Twelfth Five-Year Plan” period, Cixi City will follow the “Cixi Dream” of the City of Quality and Happy Homeland, with the opening of the Cultural Business District as a new starting point and the long-term construction of the public cultural service system as the goal, and strive to achieve the goal of the cultural market. A new leap in a strong cultural city.