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Creating a Cultural Brand and Realizing a Gorgeous Turning--Investment in "Exploring the Development Path of Cultural Industry" (Part II) 2013-05-17


Recently, the animation TV series "Juvenile Avanti" produced by my citizens and film and television animation company won the "Five-one Project" award in the 12th National Spiritual Civilization Construction, and won the "National Excellent Cartoon". prize. Ningbo Minhe Group is a semi-financial service enterprise group. Since it turned to the animation and film culture industry in 2009, it has cooperated with the Institute of Automation of the Chinese Academy of Sciences, which has the most advanced 3D digital graphic image technology in China. Avanti has become a well-known animation brand. Zhang Yapei, chairman of Minhe Group, saw the huge “energy” behind the brand: “If you can create an animated image in Ningbo, the theme of children’s cultural consumption, with the core of childlike, childlike and childlike music as the core At the same time, Zhang Yapei is also clearly aware of the shortcomings of the development of the cultural industry: large investment, long cycle, and full of children’s imagination, creativity and artistic talents. The return is slow. "To achieve sustainable development of the cultural industry, we need a suitable business model and service platform." Zhang Yapei believes. Thus, Minhe·Huifeng and Chang Culture Industrial Park came into being. “The park will not only attract large brands that provide cultural consumption for children at home and abroad, but also attract upstream and downstream enterprises in the animation and cultural industries. At the same time, it will take advantage of the Group's venture capital, small loans, pawn guarantees, and finance and law. In addition, the financial and other institutions have jointly provided the 'personal stewardship' service and become the 'incubator' and 'booster' for small and micro cultural creative enterprises.” Seeing the “hot land” of the cultural industry, there are also the Oriental Folk Song and Dance Troupe. Chang Zhang Honghong. Zhang Yuhong and general manager of Ningbo Huaqiao Craft Packaging Co., Ltd., he believes: "Private enterprises participate in the cultural industry, on the one hand can provide more cultural products to enrich the cultural life of the people, on the other hand, the benign competition of various institutional and cultural enterprises, It has also improved the cultural level of the city.” The Oriental Folk Song and Dance Troupe has participated in more than 100 performances since its establishment more than a year ago, with more than 200,000 visitors. The programs that have been created have won national, provincial and municipal awards. In April of this year, he also participated in the performance of Sri Lanka’s “China Day” as the first private song and dance troupe in Ningbo to go abroad. Opinion: The development of cultural industry requires mechanism innovation. The cultural industry is undoubtedly one of the most open prospects in the world. Its development requires a high demand for capital and high requirements for creativity and technology. Ningbo needs to keep pace with the times and vigorously promote its mechanism. Innovation, creative incubation and technological innovation. Nowadays, technological changes are changing with each passing day, the market mechanism is constantly improving, and the industry is experiencing a big panning. In the near future, a new resource combination mechanism will inevitably be formed. All parts of the country are also actively responding to challenges and promoting industrial development. For example, Chengdu established a copyright trading center and built a specialized comprehensive service platform integrating property rights trading, investment and financing services, cultural business incubation, and cultural industry information release. Ningbo private enterprises play their own unique advantages, enter the market from a high starting point, and drive the rapid development and efficient integration of creativity, talents, technology and other resources by creating excellent cultural brands. This is an innovative model to promote the sustainable development of the cultural industry. (Chen Sanjun, Director of the Literature and Art Department of the Propaganda Department of the Municipal Party Committee)