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Net biography: Ningbo library should move eastward 2013-05-17


Yesterday, a message "Ningbo City Library is going to move east" is on the Internet. The Ningbo Library, which is closely related to the life and study of the citizens, has to move eastward, which is difficult for many netizens to accept. Obviously, for the citizens living in the old city, there will be many inconveniences. Yesterday, the netizen "independent observers" sent Weibo, and the banner was clearly opposed to the eastward movement of the Ningbo Library. His Weibo also attracted discussions from many netizens. As of yesterday afternoon, the number of Weibo forwardings was nearly 200. Three reasons for netizens to oppose the move of the city map Yesterday, the "independent observers" placed three reasons on Weibo against the city library's eastward move. These three reasons also represent the views of most netizens. First, if the city library wants to expand, it can fully utilize the large number of ready-made vacancies after the city government moved eastward; second, it can stop the humanities hollowing out in the old city; third, it can also reduce government investment. The view of "independent observers" has caused many netizens to resonate. The netizen "bend the baby" said that if the east moved, the citizens in the west of Haitang would not have to borrow books from a library 20 kilometers away. The netizen "Spring and Autumn Xiaoxiaoxiaoxiaoxiao" thinks that the administrative center should move eastward, and the cultural center and economic center should also move eastward? This will inevitably lead to the blockage of the new city and the need for a balanced allocation of resources. Is the Ningbo Library really going to move east? Not to move eastward, is to retain the original building to build a new museum. After the Ningbo Municipal Government moved eastward, is the Ningbo Library really moving east? Yesterday, the reporter learned from the Finance Department of the Ningbo Municipal Radio, Culture and Television Press and Publication Bureau that the new library of the Ningbo Library has been listed as an important task of the Ningbo Municipal Government in 2013. The construction work has been put on the agenda of the listed government. At the same time, the city government recently convened the Municipal Development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Finance Bureau, the Municipal Wenguang Press and Publication Bureau, the Eastern New City Construction Command and other departments to hold a special meeting to clarify that the new library of the city library is located in the eastern new city. It is located in the southeast block of the Eastern Administrative Office Complex. The planned area is about 1.6 hectares. The construction area is initially set at 30,000 square meters with an investment of 240 million yuan. However, the reporter learned from Ningbo Wenguang New Bureau that while the new building is being built, the old library of Ningbo Library at Yongfeng Road will remain. This means that it does not affect the use of citizens in the old town. "The two pavilions will also make some differences. For example, the old pavilion will be a special pavilion such as children or old people on the basis of retaining existing functions." The relevant person in charge of the Ministry of Education of Ningbo Library told the reporter that of course, these have not yet set. “East move” caused netizens to discuss whether the library needs to be built so much that “the library moved eastward”, and it also triggered netizens to discuss the development direction of the library. Previously, there was a survey, the Ningbo City Library with a building area of ​​only 12,000 square meters, ranking behind in the sub-provincial cities and even in the 11 cities in the province. "This is inconsistent with Ningbo's city image, economic strength, and public demand. It is extremely urgent to build a large-scale library." For the new 30,000-square-meter new building to be built, the official Weibo of Ningbo Wenguang New Bureau made yesterday. This explanation. However, some netizens pointed out that in this era, there is no need to build a large library, and the price/performance ratio is not high. And 2.4 billion is used in hardware, that is, building a house, so, is it too image engineering? Wang Zhiming, deputy director of the Ningbo Wenguang New Bureau, responded: It is very recognized that the netizens said that the library is as much as Starbucks, and it is not too big but convenient. "The developed countries have done the same." But he also believes that Ningbo needs a large municipal library, which is like a central pavilion, revitalizing all other districts, towns and villages. Wang Zhiming introduced to the reporter that in fact, Ningbo is doing the same. At present, in addition to the municipal level, the Ningbo City Library has its own library in 11 counties (cities), and 153 towns and towns also have libraries; in addition, there are more than 3,500 community and village library rooms. “But the collections of these county (city) districts, townships, and community village libraries are limited, and they cannot meet the needs of the citizens.” Wang Zhiming said, Ningbo needs a central library, when the nearest library cannot borrow what you want. When you book, you can register, and then the librarian will transfer the goods from the center library collection through the channel. Wang Zhiming said that in the old museum, many books can't be put down, and even go to the warehouse with the company. As a central library, it must have a large-scale modern preservation space, not only to preserve the collection of books, but also to preserve the local literature of Ningbo. "At the same time, the new library is not only a place to read and borrow books, it is also a lecture hall, you can watch performances, and even social and dating places." Wang Zhiming said.