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Innovative comprehensive cultural station management mode 2013-05-17


As of the end of November 2012, 19 towns (streets) comprehensive cultural stations in Cixi City, Zhejiang Province successfully completed the registration of legal entities and obtained the “Corporate Certificate of Institutions”. Such large-scale collective and unified handling of legal registration of comprehensive cultural station institutions is a new breakthrough and a management innovation. This work changed the status of the comprehensive cultural station in Cixi City after being managed by the town (street), resulting in the status of the comprehensive cultural station as a “salary station”; it has not been able to guarantee the funding of grassroots cultural undertakings, and the employees cannot The special post and the cultural work carried out the ups and downs; the management of the grassroots cultural staff and careers was enhanced, and the cultural work placed at the grassroots level was truly implemented. At the same time, focusing on maximizing the role of the town (street) comprehensive cultural station and strengthening the construction of the town (street) comprehensive cultural station, Cixi City actively explored and boldly tried to explore and establish the “dual” management of the town (street) comprehensive cultural station. The mode, that is, the daily administrative functions of the town (street) comprehensive cultural station (including policy funding guarantee) is the town (street), the team management (personnel selection) and business guidance (work assessment) functions are managed by the superior cultural department. On the one hand, the town (street) comprehensive cultural station will effectively assume the basic cultural construction function, so that the cultural construction funds and activities funds can be effectively guaranteed. On the other hand, the higher-level cultural authorities can make a strong force on the people and things in the comprehensive cultural station. Regulation and control, strengthen the comprehensive quality of the grassroots cultural team and improve the quality of services, and effectively promote the development of grassroots cultural construction. This kind of regulation can be reflected in several aspects: First, the personnel are heavily guarded and the cultural team is stabilized. First, the director of the cultural station is appointed, the cultural stationmaster is recommended by the town (street), and is appointed by the higher-level cultural department after examination and examination; the second is to "import and export" the good cultural staff, and the recruitment and transfer of the cultural staff. The dismissal, borrowing, etc. shall be submitted by the town (street) to the higher-level cultural department in advance, and only after the approval of the higher-level cultural department, the third party shall review and determine the salary of the cultural staff, and the higher-level cultural department shall review and determine. For the full-time staff of the cultural station who is not in the post, it is not allowed to participate in the promotion of the professional and technical qualifications of the year, and the working years should be reduced from the time of leaving the post to ensure that the staff of the cultural station “be in their position” ". Second is the strong guidance of the business to improve the quality of the team. The competent department of culture at the higher level assumes the task of guiding and training the staff of the comprehensive cultural station. On the one hand, we will conduct no less than 2 special business skills training for cultural station staff each year by means of short-term training and organizing special study classes. On the other hand, we will carry out the “Basic Service Month” activity of cultural business backbone, from Cixi Cultural Center. The backbone of the business and the town (street) comprehensive cultural station will carry out pairing assistance, and each person will help the grassroots level for more than 50 days per year, provide business guidance for grassroots cultural work, and improve the comprehensive business quality of the cultural station staff. The third is that innovation is effective and promotes cultural development. The first is to improve the assessment system. In 2012, the Cixi Municipal Party Committee Office and the Municipal Government Office formulated and issued the “Notice on Printing and Distributing the “2012 Cixi Cultural Strong Town (Street) Assessment and Incentive Measures”, and incorporated the town (street) comprehensive cultural station construction into the town (street) target management. For performance appraisal, Cixi City Wenguang New Bureau is responsible for formulating the specific implementation measures for the evaluation of town (street) cultural work, and conducting acceptance assessment according to relevant standards. The second is to establish a smooth communication channel. Cixi City, Wenguang New Bureau and the town (street) in time to communicate information, strengthen joint cooperation, rationalize the relationship between "Articles" and "blocks", and implement the system of regular cultural station monthly work meetings, implement the mass cultural work site meeting system, regularly The towns (streets) with obvious work promotion and highlights will hold on-site meetings to promote the cultural work of the towns (streets) to show their highlights, atmosphere and effectiveness. Carrying out legal person certification and implementing dual management is a new measure for the innovation of the comprehensive cultural station management model in Cixi City, which greatly enhances the independence, autonomy and comprehensive protection of the comprehensive cultural station. It is to deepen the internal management of the comprehensive cultural station. A new way of reforming personnel, distribution, etc. is to explore and improve the competition, incentives, restraint mechanisms and post-target responsibility system. It is also a new breakthrough in establishing and improving various service systems and management systems and forming a long-term working mechanism. At present, there are 5 provincial comprehensive cultural stations, 13 first-level comprehensive cultural stations and 1 second-level comprehensive cultural station in the 19 towns (streets) comprehensive cultural stations in the city, with a total area of ​​98,988 square meters. One. In 2011, Zhangqi Town took the lead in creating a “Zhejiang Cultural Strong Town”. In 2012, Longshan Town, Guanhaiwei Town and Kandun Street were successively established as “Zhejiang Cultural Strong Town”. One of the results: a strong guarantee and a good position to build grassroots cultural services. After completing the registration of the legal person of the institution, first of all, the annual work budget of the comprehensive cultural station has policy guarantees, and the funds can be allocated on time and according to plan, and no cultural work can be carried out normally due to lack of funds, misappropriation of funds or lack of funds; Secondly, the office and activity venues of the comprehensive cultural station are guaranteed, no longer patching together, and can adhere to the town (street) comprehensive cultural station and its facilities, equipment, public welfare nature, will not be enterprise or disguised enterprise, not auction In the form of leasing, renting, etc., in the end, the stationmaster acts as the legal representative, so that the treatment of the person in charge of grassroots cultural work is guaranteed. Under the supervision and management of the higher authorities, there is no longer any random transfer, borrowing or even lack of post. And other phenomena, so that the responsible person of the grassroots cultural work no longer has to worry about, can fully devote themselves to the grassroots cultural construction work. The second result: the formation of synergy and the promotion of the “cost-effectiveness” of cultural undertakings. Since the operation of the dual management mode of the comprehensive cultural station, all towns (streets) have cooperated with the competent departments of higher culture to overcome the shortcomings of the single management model and strengthen the cultural undertakings of the grassroots government. All towns (streets) have increased their investment in cultural funds. In the special work of literary and artistic creation, group activities, grassroots cultural positions and facilities construction, cultural “three rural areas” and cultural heritage census, the burden is graded and linked. It effectively relieved the pressure of municipal finance and promoted the development and prosperity of grassroots culture. The third result: shifting the focus and creating the main force of public cultural services. Under the dual management mode, the functions and functions of the town (street) comprehensive cultural station have been effectively exerted, and its main position has become increasingly prominent. The organizational focus of the cultural Huimin work has been shifted from the municipal cultural department to the comprehensive cultural stations of the towns (streets). It also embodies the principle of “three closeness” in which cultural work is close to reality, close to life and close to the masses, and realizes the transformation from “sending culture” to “species culture”. At present, the comprehensive cultural stations of various towns (streets) in Cixi City are striving to create a “one town, one product” characteristic culture based on the advantages of their respective regions, and become the main force of public cultural services.