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Famous ancient architect Zhang Shiqing: Baoguo Temple will display the millennium historical context 2013-05-20


“The Millennium Patriarchal Temple has reached the point where it must be overhauled. At present, the first round of repairs that have gathered many top cultural relics and ancient building experts have been submitted to the State Administration of Cultural Heritage for approval. The maintenance of Baoguo Temple will try to preserve the history of the building. Superimposed information, the repaired Baoguo Temple contains the history of the millennium." Yesterday, Zhang Shiqing, a professor and doctoral supervisor at the Institute of Architecture Studies at Southeast University, wrote the book "Baoguo Temple Hall" in the "Tianyi Lecture Hall" of the Ningbo Library. Lecture on Ancient Architecture Studies. Zhang Shiqing said: "The experts of China's ancient construction industry, when it comes to ancient architecture, the first thing that comes to mind is the Baoguo Temple Hall, Baoguo Temple is the pride of Ningbo people, the cultural property of Ningbo people." In Zhang Yuqing's research career, he I have come to Baoguo Temple dozens of times. However, the most in-depth and comprehensive study of the study is the special research of Baoguo Temple, which began three years ago. Professor Zhang said: "We have been conducting a three-year study on Baoguo Temple for a long time. To what extent, experts climbed under the beam, personally surveyed each component, and used laser three-dimensional scanning. High-tech means, the most in-depth basic information has been obtained." Zhang Shiqing said: "The survey results show that: first of all, because of the hot and humid environment in the south, the decaying insects of Baoguo Temple components are very powerful. Secondly because of typhoon and geology. The impact of Baoguo Temple is very strong, and some indoor flat columns have been scattered. In order to preserve its historical information and authenticity, the Millennium Pao Temple has reached the point of non-repair." It is understood that the world is now on the wooden There are not many experiences in the repair of ancient buildings. Zhang Shiqing said: "We hope that the maintenance of Baoguo Temple can create an example of repairing ancient buildings. The existing plan pays great attention to retaining the 'original taste' of history, using historical traces and repairs to investigate the original state of history, through these traces. To rule out the changes in the appearance of future generations, but it will not be completely restored. The temple of Baoguo Temple has a superposition of a thousand years of history. Whether it is a member of the Qing Dynasty or the Song Dynasty, it is part of history. We hope that through repairs, Keep the historical information of this millennium as complete as possible."