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List of candidates for “Top Ten Cultural Stars in the City” 2013-05-20


The reporter recently learned from relevant departments that after three months of preliminary selection, 20 cultural youths became the second "cultural star" candidates in the city, and they were officially publicized yesterday and accepted public supervision. It is understood that this selection has received wide attention from all walks of life. The youth in the cultural field of the city have been enthusiastically registered. After reviewing the materials and deeds of all the candidates, they have initially selected the relevant opinions and comprehensive examinations. Twenty candidates were announced from May 17 to 23, and the broad masses of cadres and masses can truthfully report the true situation of the person being publicized to the organizing committee office. At the same time, the organizing committee opened the second “Ningbo Top Ten Youth Cultural Stars” candidate public voting column on the Ningbo Culture Network (http://zw.nbwh.gov.cn), and the voting result will be the second Ningbo City. An important reference for the "Top Ten Young Cultural Stars".