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Focusing on the culture and benefiting the people to start the public cultural service brand - the third report of the construction of Cixi public cultural service system 2013-05-20


The three-year Zhejiang Cixi Art Festival began in November 1987 and has been successfully held for 9 sessions. The previous festivals, with the aim of “the festival of art, the festival of the people”, have comprehensively demonstrated the fruitful achievements in the field of culture and art in Cixi by holding cultural and artistic events, exhibitions, stage art exhibitions and mass cultural activities. Last year, the 9th Cixi Art Festival presented six categories of 26 items and more than 800 forms of cultural and artistic activities to the people of the city in two months. There are many public cultural brands in Cixi, such as the “culture of farmers” and the new cultural events of Cixi people, such as “Meeting under the stars and culture to send hundreds of villages”, etc. These brand activities have one thing in common: the purpose of culture is to benefit the people. Return. "Three North Forum": Keeping pace with the times The "Three North Forum" is sponsored by the Propaganda Department of the Cixi Municipal Committee of the Communist Party of China and the Cixi Municipal Bureau of Cultural and Cultural Affairs. It is hosted by the Cixi Library and is a forum for popularizing social science knowledge for the general public. The forum relies on a 264-seat academic lecture hall, which holds 24 lectures each year. Since its inception in March 2006, it has held more than 170 lectures and attended more than 40,000 audiences. The “Three North Forum” has established three major guarantee mechanisms to attract more citizens to participate in the activities. The first is the guarantee of time and place. The lectures were held on a weekend basis, with the Cixi Library Report Hall as a fixed place, and the lectures were promptly organized to the community, rural areas and schools according to the needs and wishes of the masses, and the channels for direct communication between experts and scholars and grassroots people were smoothed. The second is publicity protection. Before each lecture, the notice information will be posted on the Cixi Daily and Cixi News Network, and will be broadcasted on the Cixi TV series in the form of rolling subtitles. At the same time, a fixed advertising billboard will be set up in the central city. Ensure the awareness of the public. The third is organizational security. In addition to the voluntary travel of the citizens, "all necessary needs", also timely organize and come to the door to mobilize party and government cadres at all levels, community members, primary and secondary school students and other participants. In the past seven years, the "Three North Forum" has trained a group of enthusiastic public listeners. Listening to lectures in the library has become a habit of learning and living and a way of leisure life for many citizens. At the same time, the "Three North Forum" continues to enrich the content of the lectures. The theme of the lectures is carefully selected according to the development of the situation every year, so that it can keep pace with the times, reflect the characteristics of the times, and meet the needs of the masses. For example, in terms of theoretical popularization, lectures such as “Deepening Emancipation of Mind and Advancing Scientific Development” have been held, highlighting the party’s latest theoretical innovations; in terms of economic phenomena, we have closely followed the hot issues in economic development and organized Lectures on the road to innovation in the manufacturing industry, "the allocation of wealth under the financial crisis" were well received by the public; in terms of social phenomena, the "Current Situation, Problems and Development Trends of the Yangtze River Delta" were actually constructed in conjunction with Cixi City. "Harmonious Labor Relations", "External Population Quality Education and Training" and other lectures, the social response was enthusiastic; in terms of social issues, the "laws in life", "resident energy conservation and low-carbon life" were organized around the theme of environmental protection, children's education, health care and health care. In the cultural aspect, many well-known experts and scholars were invited to give lectures, such as Liu Mengxi’s “Reconstruction of Cultural Identity and Cultural Tradition”, Yu Qiuyu’s “Chinese Cultural History”, and Liu Canliang’s “Half Part of the Analects of Confucius”. The art of Chinese studies, business and life management, etc., has provided a spirit to the public. Of the feast. In the past seven years, the "Three North Forum" has been keeping pace with the times, and has always maintained its vitality and vitality, effectively expanding the social education function of the library. “People's Classroom”: Free “Cultural Gas Station” “Is your class training program coming out? Is there a guitar training class this year? Last year, I suspected that there is no money for free training, and second, I know that the training news is too late. So I didn't report it. I can't miss this free cultural meal this year!" Today, there are many people who actively ask for "art charging", such as going to the Cultural Center for free lectures on weekends, and skills training classes in the community on weekdays. At home, through the Cixi Digital TV "Information Cixi" column, "mass literature and art" in the column to learn health dance free of charge, many measures to benefit the people have quietly entered the life of the citizens. In 2011, Cixi City Finance subsidized 200,000 yuan for the "People's Classroom". In 2012, the "People's Classroom" was directly written into the government work report. The “People's Classroom” project was launched in 2010 by the Cixi Cultural Center. It adheres to the service concept of “popularity, practicality, and communication” and strives to make it a “cultural window for the people, a cradle for educating people, and self-expression. The platform to enjoy the joy of the world." “People Classroom” promotes free public welfare training, with “internal training and introductory training in towns and villages (community), universal training and improvement training, on-site teaching and educational results display, digital culture and network communication, annual training and daily counseling” The combined public welfare training policy has enabled the cultural Huimin people to gradually move toward cultural education. For example, 20 students of the “Farmer Painting Theme Creation Training Course” were guided by experts and teachers. Many works were selected for national peasant painting competitions or exhibitions. Among them, the peasant painting “Ten Li Red Makeup” created by the peasant Yu Haijun of Qiaotou Town was obtained by the China Federation of Literary and Art Circles. The highest award of the first national peasant painting exhibition hosted by the Chinese Artists Association and other units. "People's Classroom" implements the "Three Zeros Law", that is, the implementation of "zero fees", the training funds are allocated by the city's special funds, all trainers are entitled to free treatment; "zero threshold", the students do not set up examinations and selection procedures, If you want to learn, you will come to school; "zero distance", such as "into the town and village interactive training activities", the town (street) mainly to determine the training program, organize the students, select the business cadres to teach at the grassroots level. The City Cultural Center also often holds special seminars to brainstorm ideas and optimize training programs so that the training can be targeted and truly meet and meet the cultural needs of the people. For example, in 2012, “People's Classroom” added new family flowering, flower arrangement skills training, nursery rhyme children's painting training, collectible identification training, hand-woven training and other projects. The “People's Classroom” also flexibly started the competition in conjunction with the temporary needs of the event and the masses, and turned the boring training into an interactive enjoyment training. In 2011, Longshan Town Comprehensive Cultural Station took the lead in cooperating with Cixi Cultural Center to set up the “People Classroom” and entered the Zhencun Demonstration Base. They taught in Longshan Town Cultural and Sports Center and Xufu Primary School respectively. In 2012, they simply moved the classroom into the village. A total of 9 training programs welcomed by the villagers were discharged. In 2012, in addition to the identification of four township demonstration bases, the “People's Classroom” also identified four communities as interactive training bases. Up to now, more than 6,000 new and old Cixi people have entered the "people's classroom." “Hundreds of dramas into the countryside”: Let the peasant brothers watch the big show. The “100 Plays into the Countryside” performance in Cixi City has been playing 4,620 games for the rural people in Cixi in the past 8 years, realizing “villages”. There are goals to watch. Independent tendering, government subsidies. Based on the principle of “fairness and voluntariness”, the city has publicly bidding for the “100 dramas into the countryside” performance qualification project. The towns (streets) have chosen the performance units independently by the administrative village, and the farmers themselves choose the repertoire. The performance was subsidized by the government. In the past eight years, Ningbo Municipal Finance has approved a total of 2.43 million yuan, and Cixi City has approved a total of 4.5 million yuan. Innovate and teach in drama. In the "100 dramas into the countryside" performances, the organizers always adhere to the principle of serving the people, and compile the principles and policies of the party and the state, current affairs politics, food and drug safety, and the new Cixi spirit into small plays, folk art, and folk minors. The three-and-a-half-semester literary form, as one of the contents of the "100 dramas into the countryside" performance, requires 20 to 30 minutes before each drama performance, which not only promotes the party's policies, but also satisfies the general public. The requirements of drama observation have greatly enhanced the effectiveness of rural ideological and political work. Serve the people and enrich their lives. Due to the small space and lack of funds in the countryside, it is difficult for farmers and friends to see large-scale cultural performances. The performance of “100 plays into the countryside” filled their gap and added a color to their lives. For example, the Mindong Meilan Yue Opera Troupe performed 4 performances in Gaoqiao Village, Xinpu Town, with a total audience of 34,000. It is enough to see the peasant masses welcome and love the performance of “100 plays into the countryside”.