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Master of Arts and Crafts Zheng Hongsheng won the Provincial Special Award 2013-05-22


At the just-concluded Zhejiang Province Third Arts and Crafts Fine Exposition, the bone-wood mosaic “Tea Yuntai Screen” selected by Ningbo City won the special prize. The work is 96 cm wide and 68 cm high, reflecting the ancient tea picking in Jiangnan. Tea, tea, tea. However, it is regrettable that Zheng Hongsheng, the master of the craftsman of this work, died before the year. This work has become a masterpiece of the design master who devoted his life to the development of Ningbo arts and crafts. Zheng Hongsheng is a Zhenhai native. He founded the Arts and Crafts Society in 1958. He taught himself in painting and arts and crafts. In 1972, his first innovative product, the "Ear Lake Scenery", was chosen as a gift to President Nixon when the Sino-US resumed diplomatic relations. The crafts he designed and produced are exported to Canada, Germany, France, the United States, Italy and other countries. In 1973, Zheng Hongsheng designed the mahogany snail inlaid on the earth screen "Qunfang Yaji" to be released in the spring Canton Fair. It was purchased by a Hong Kong businessman for HK$100,000 and was exhibited in Hong Kong's famous tourist attraction "Songcheng". In 1975, He designed the "Mu Guiying coach" mahogany snail inlaid into the screen, participated in the national exhibition; in 1983, he designed the inlaid hanging screen works "Bai Mei Tu" won the National Arts and Crafts Hundred Flowers Award "Hope Cup" (innovative design one Equal prize). After retire, Zheng Hongsheng is still committed to the craft business. In recent years, he designed the gold and silver embroidery works “Chinese Tea Rhyme”, “Gold and Silver Color Embroidery” and “Yucheng Style Map” to win gold awards at all levels of fine exhibitions. The bone-wood mosaic "Tea Yuntai Screen" lasted for three months. Unfortunately, when the work was completed, Zheng Hongsheng, who designed it, fell into a deep coma in the car accident until his death, and he could not see the finished product with his own eyes.