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Zhenhai is a judge for folk artists 2013-05-22


"I didn't expect to jump on the square dance to be able to evaluate the title." It is not subject to qualifications, positions, foreign languages, etc., based on professional experience, professional achievements, and award-winning performance. Recently, Zhenhai District has first reviewed the titles of folk artists. 19 folk artists were awarded the title of assistant librarian. “Reviewing the titles of folk artists is mainly to promote the development of regional culture and encourage the inheritance and development of folk culture.” The person in charge of the special technical department of Zhenhai District People’s Bureau said to the author that in recent years, the construction of community culture in Zhenhai District In the process, a number of folk masters such as dragon dance, square dance, drama, painting and so on have emerged, and their evaluation of their titles is not only an affirmation for them, but also an encouragement and guidance for them to promote folk culture. According to reports, this time the folk artist title review, for the towns and towns of Zhenhai District (street) engaged in cultural and artistic production activities or as a result of income-generating folk artists, but does not include the staff of institutions and institutions. Since folk culture is mostly a hobby of residents, it is not limited by the status of qualifications, education, position, foreign language, etc., but focuses on the professional ability, actual performance of the participants and the demonstration radiation effect on local folk culture in Zhenhai. Volunteers from various folk artists were recommended by the township and street cultural stations. This time, 20 folk artists engaged in music, dance, drama, painting and photography entered the on-site assessment. In addition to reviewing their professional experience, professional achievements, award-winning achievements and other materials, the judges also asked folk artists to perform live performances. In the end, 19 folk artists won the junior title. It is understood that these folk artists will be supported by relevant policies after they have been awarded the title, and the District People's and Social Security Bureau is drafting specific policies, and it is proposed to give support in subsidies, evaluation and commendation.