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Chain Distribution and Integration, Revitalization and Two-wheel Drive——The Fourth Report of the Construction of Public Culture Service System in Cixi City 2013-05-22


Since last year, Cixi City has taken the opportunity of creating a public cultural service system demonstration zone in Zhejiang Province. It proposes to build urban and rural public culture for the problems of software and hardware mismatch, lack of supply and demand, and uncoordinated system and practice in the field of public cultural services. The service system will be comprehensively integrated to revitalize all kinds of public culture and related business cultural service resources at all levels in the city, and realize the effective connection between supply and demand through the two-wheel drive menu-based distribution method of “public welfare” and “market”. Recently, Cixi Public Cultural Service Center was established and entered the official operation stage. Public cultural services are still lacking. In recent years, while public cultural service facilities and positions have been built, Cixi has launched a large number of public cultural service products, which has greatly enriched the spiritual and cultural life of the people. However, through research, they found that there are still many shortcomings in the supply of public cultural service products, such as the lack of timeliness, diversity and characteristics of products. This aspect needs to strengthen the design and production of products, and is also closely related to the way the products are supplied. It is necessary to do a serious combing and research, and develop a set of production and supply methods that are people-oriented, scientific and reasonable, and conform to Cixi's actual cultural products. To this end, Cixi City has designed cultural products on the one hand and published the Cixi Public Cultural Products Supply Catalogue, which not only facilitates the masses to select according to their needs, but also defines the direction and planning of government public cultural service products. On the other hand, strengthen policy protection. For example, the introduction of the "Double Ten Double Hundreds in the Establishment of Cixi City's Grassroots Cultural Construction" (Trial), each year by the municipal finance to contribute 3.6 million yuan to support the funds for the annual "Top Ten Villages Cultural Palace (Community Cultural Activity Center) ""Top Ten Cultural Pearl Enterprises" and "Hundreds of Excellent Cultural and Art Teams" and "Hundreds of Excellent Cultural and Sports Cores" created selection activities, focused on cultivating grassroots cultural construction highlights, enhancing grassroots cultural creativity and radiation, strengthening positions, increasing demand, and promoting supply. In order to improve the quality of public cultural services, the most innovative measure in Cixi is to introduce the implementation plan of the municipal public cultural service center, integrate the existing public cultural service products supply resources of the city's public welfare cultural institutions, and strive to improve public cultural services. quality. In the process of creating this new operational mechanism, “chain distribution”, “integration and revitalization” and “two-wheel drive” have become three key words. Chain distribution, set up the "center-station (site, point)" institutional framework. The newly established Municipal Public Cultural Service Center is positioned as a socialized cultural service guidance and coordination institution for party and government organizations at all levels in the city, grassroots units, and urban and rural people. The Ministry of Cultural Services and the Ministry of Cultural Activities are set up internally. At the same time, establish an external service network of “station, station, and point”, establish a “public cultural service station” in various town (street) comprehensive cultural stations, and establish a “public cultural service center” in the Municipal Workers’ Cultural Palace, the Municipal Youth Palace, and the Municipal Senior University. In the village cultural palace (community cultural activity center) and cultural pearl enterprises, the establishment of "public cultural service points", the formation of the city, town (street), village (community) vertical in the end, institutions and institutions, students, middle-aged and so on The social network is horizontal to the side of the service network. Through this network channel, various public cultural services can be quickly and conveniently distributed to various cultural service institutions on demand. Integrate and revitalize, classify and sort out and display public cultural service resources. The first is to integrate facilities and equipment resources. Classify public cultural facilities in the city. City-level cultural venues, parks and plazas are Class A, towns (streets) are Grade B, and grassroots village cultural palaces, community cultural activities centers, and cultural squares are Class C. At the same time, the statistics of the area, capacity and equipment of the three major types of cultural facilities are compiled into the database for use and development in a planned and sub-type. The second is to integrate talent team resources. The information of management talents, professional talents and management talents in the public cultural service field of the city will be collected, and the “Shanglin Cultural Volunteers” team will be established to establish a database of talents and volunteers. At the same time, the city's artistic performance team, non-governmental professional team, amateur literary and art team will be divided into four levels of A, B, C and D in order of level, and different groups can participate in the corresponding level of cultural performances. The third is to integrate service products. Incorporate the original "Shanglin Rhyme" traditional festival activities, "People's Grand Stage", "People's Classroom", "Three North Forum", "100 games, thousands of movies into the countryside" and other cultural products into public cultural services The center's appreciative, participatory, composite and interactive cultural product series, titled “Shanglin Culture” series, creates a public cultural service brand aircraft carrier. The fourth is to establish a city public cultural service network. The above-mentioned resources will be uniformly displayed through the network platform. Towns (streets), villages (communities), enterprises, individuals, etc. can understand the comprehensive information of the city's public cultural services through the website, and make menu selection of public cultural service items according to their own needs. Enjoy one-stop service, make suggestions and conduct online interactive exchanges. Two-wheel drive, establish a sound and efficient operation mechanism for public welfare and market. First, adhere to the principle of public welfare of public cultural services. The Municipal Public Cultural Service Center shall formulate a budget for the procurement and service of cultural products according to actual needs every year. The required funds shall be implemented in the cultural development funds, and all towns (streets) shall be required to give certain key service projects according to the municipal financial subsidies. At the same time, with the government procurement as the main channel, the implementation of the cultural product evaluation team system for the procurement of major cultural products, the quality and price. The second is to adhere to the principle of fostering and developing cultural service market entities. While fulfilling the task of serving the cultural Huimin in quality and quantity, we will increase the paid services of the cultural benefit to the people, actively guide the participation of social forces, and enhance the self-healing function of public cultural services. On the one hand, the Municipal Cultural Intermediary Service Workers Association was established to provide paid services such as planning, editing, drama, awards and rental of venues for major celebrations, large-scale cultural performances, large-scale art exhibitions, large-scale cultural and sports events, etc.; Attracting social capital to invest in public cultural services, guiding and encouraging enterprises, institutions and individuals to participate in the “Shanglin Culture” series of activities through naming, sponsorship, friendship support, and setting up funds to make up for the lack of public finances. The guiding ideology of building a cultural Huimin window to establish Cixi Public Cultural Service Center is: adhere to reform and innovation, adhere to the combination of high school and low-end combination, inheritance and originality, culture and technology, and adhere to horizontal integration and vertical complementarity. Integrate and utilize public cultural resources, build a citywide public cultural service network system, promote the socialization and market operation of public cultural services, continuously meet the diverse, varied and diverse cultural needs of the people, and enhance the regional cultural soft power. Cixi Public Cultural Service Center has established its own mode of operation: in terms of sources of public cultural services, public welfare cultural products and services are in principle implemented by the municipal and town (street) two levels of financial burden, this year the city finance has allocated 1000 10,000 yuan special funds. In the procurement of public cultural service products, the government public bidding procurement is implemented in principle for public welfare cultural products. If there are special needs, it can also adopt targeted procurement and entrusted procurement; and implement financial subsidies or rewards for some major and time-sensitive cultural products. The beneficiary unit and the group self-raised to share the shared procurement model. In the distribution of public cultural service products, we should give full play to the role of cultural service centers and cultural service stations, places, and points, and implement the plan for the beginning of the year, the mid-year inspection, and the year-end assessment. At the same time, it is published monthly in the Internet, television, newspapers and other media, allowing the towns (streets), villages (communities) and the masses to choose independently. In terms of the market operation of public cultural service products, the Cultural Service Center uses the market means such as ticket sales, advertising sponsorship, and service trading to raise funds and services according to the nature of cultural products and the actual needs of both parties. The relevant person in charge of Cixi City Wenguang New Bureau said that the operation mode and operation mechanism of the public cultural service center will be explored with innovative ideas, and the public cultural service center will be made to become a cultural benefit for the government satisfaction, mass praise and social recognition. window.