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"Spring gives you a poem" large poetry reading will be held 2013-05-25


"A cluster of green grass / lined up along the wall of the roots / probe to look at the fresh sunshine ... into the village's new school / spring like the opening of the drum." In the poet of the poet Pan Zhiguang of Ningbo, the beautiful poem "Spring is like opening the drum" In the sound of reciting, yesterday, in 2013, "Spring sent you a poem" large poetry reading was held in the Ningbo Vocational and Technical Education Center School. The Chinese Writers Association "Poetry" editor-in-chief Shang Zhen and thousands of Ningbo workers, teachers and students Residents, young volunteers, and literary artists gathered together to showcase the unique cultural style of the city in a spring poetry event. The opening dance "Spring Blossoms" opened the curtain of this event. The national first-class actor Yin Zhiguang of the Beijing Langyi Art Troupe, while passionately picking up the drums, sang the classic patriotic poems "Man Jiang Hong" and "Zero Crossing" "I am proud, I am Chinese", these powerful verses resonate with the strong appeal and shock; the poet Li Quanping of Ningbo, the chorus of spring, created with the characteristics of the educational achievements of the Ningbo Vocational Education Center ", writing the teachers and students to work hard, the pursuit of ideals, the spirit of dedication, the teachers and students' reciting recitals won the audience's bursts of applause. This "Spring Sends You a Poem" activity also held a poetry essay activity with the theme of "Beautiful Ningbo, Vigorous Vocational Education". After half a year of collection, we received nearly a thousand works (groups). A variety of poetic art forms, poetically interpret the image of Ningbo's beautiful and rich port city, and show the broad prospects of vocational education. The organizer included 80 outstanding works of the group as a collection of poems. The poetry debut and award ceremony were held yesterday. "Spring gives you a poem" is an important cultural activity brand in our city. It has been successfully held for 10 times. Every year, thousands of people participate in this poetry event. This year's event is organized by the Chinese Writers Association. Co-hosted by Ningbo Wenlian and Ningbo Education Bureau.