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66 craft works won the provincial exhibition award 2013-05-25


At the China·Zhejiang Third Arts and Crafts Boutique Expo held in Hangzhou in late April this year, the city selected a total of 356 exhibits. Among them, Qi Qunzhu and Zhang Shijun's gold and silver color embroidery "Leng Yan", Shi Zhen's Yue Kiln Celadon "Rolled Peony Bottle", Zheng Hongsheng, Gan Jinyun, Chen Ningyu, Shao Huizhen's ivory boxwood and embedded "Tea Yuntai Screen" won three works. The special prize; Chen Gehong, Ying Weiting, Ma Yongxiao, Ren Pengjun's large-scale Zhu Jin lacquer wood carving "Liang Zhu warming the house", Sun Maihua, Sun Wei, Yan Jinghu's Yue Kiln celadon "Rohan Han" and other 14 works won the gold medal, and 18 works won the silver medal and 31 won the bronze medal. The number of award-winning works ranked first in all the urban areas participating in the exhibition.