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The old Ningbo "taste" on the tip of the tongue - 2013-05-27


“Ning-style silk is an authentic Ningbo dish. This dish contains rich historical and cultural connotations. Ningbo cuisine is very seasonal. It is not only because it is the most fat, but also because it is cold. In summer, the human body is hot and hot, and eating this dish is the most complementary to the body. Moreover, adding ginger and pepper to the silk should also be in harmony with the cultural principles of Chinese medicine and cold, complementing the monarch and minister." Yesterday, Chinese culinary master Chen Xuehai was in the "non- In the course of the “Ningbo Cuisine Cooking Skills Training Class”, the scene showed the public how to burn the traditional Ningbo dishes of Ning-style silk, oil-fired shrimp and rot-coated yellow croaker. The details and precautions of each dish were explained in detail. Compare the similarities and differences between the top ten traditional dishes of Ningbo and the top ten traditional dishes in Hangzhou. The citizens who listened to the class praised: "I didn't expect a home cooking, but also the way of health that has been handed down from generation to generation. It is really an eye-opener." This class held at Ningbo Tourism School is not an ordinary cooking skill training. It is one of the contents of Ningbo “Non-legacy Class” jointly sponsored by the Municipal Center for Non-Relics, the Municipal Tourism School and the 100-year-old store. The provincial inheritor of Ningbo cuisine, Chen Xiaoliang, the chef of Ningbo Zhuangyuan Building, the Chinese culinary master Chen Jibo, the Chinese culinary master Hong Xiaoyong and other famous professionals in the Ningbo restaurant industry personally went to the scene to give the citizens a class. They taught the public that they have been included in the provincial non- The material cultural heritage of Ning-style silk, rock sugar turtle, sauerkraut soup yellow croaker, sautéed yellow croaker and oil-fired shrimp, ash juice group, dragon and phoenix gold group, Melaleuca oil cake and other traditional dishes and traditional snacks. In addition to watching the teacher's on-site operation and explanations, the citizens can also make their own hands. Hong Xiaoyong, a Chinese culinary master, introduced the traditional Ningbo dishes to the public, not only because they taste delicious. “Every dish that the citizens learn contains the history and culture of Ningbo.” Hong Xiaoyong said: “Like the soup The dish of yellow croaker, according to "Wu Di Ji", in the ten years (505 BC), there is a history of fishing for large yellow croaker in the East China Sea; the Ming dynasty sea shoal is recorded in the coastal area of ​​Siming. The fishing season shows that the history of Ningbo people eating large yellow croaker is very long. There are also famous seafood ice-cream turtles in Ningbo. According to legend, during the Qianlong period of the Qing Dynasty, there were two people who went to Beijing to take the test. They gathered in Sanjiang Restaurant, and the shopkeepers 'Ice Sugar Turtles' served guests. The guest asked the name of the dish in the shopkeeper, and the shopkeeper responded to the name of the dish, 'The monopoly of the girl'. The two people went to Beijing to test the title of the gold medal, one of them was also the high school champion. Later, the champion was returned to the Sanjiang restaurant, and the pen was raised. Inscribed with the word 'Zhongyuanlou', the Zhuangyuanlou Hotel has been famous since then. The legend has given Ningbo a strong cultural flavor." Hong Xiaoyong said that learning Ningbo cuisine Ningbo eat vegetables not only taste on the tongue to taste, learn a lot more historical and cultural knowledge Ningbo. The reporter learned that Ningbo Ningbo's “non-legacy class” Ningbo cuisine cooking skills training has started five consecutive sessions, each period has attracted a large number of citizens to sign up. Interestingly, the reporter saw at the training site yesterday that in addition to the “Ma Dazhao” who likes to cook, many young men and women under the age of 40 are also taking classes seriously. Mr. Zhou, who works in a foreign company, told reporters: "I am a foreigner. I originally wanted to learn to cook a few Ningbo dishes. I didn't expect to know such an interesting history of Ningbo here. Later I will go home and make Ningbo dishes for my loved ones. You can tell the story of Ningbo casually."