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The opera "Red Gang Tailor" interprets "Ningbo Gang Spirit" 2013-05-28


Ningbo “Red Gang Tailor” is a bright pearl in the history of Chinese clothing. It has created five firsts: China's first suit, the first set of tunic, the first suit shop, the first suit theory monograph, the first suit school. For the Ningbo people, the word "Red Gang Tailor" is not only familiar, but also affects their feelings, but in the country, the influence of "Red Gang Tailor" is not great. To this end, Zou Jianhong, the chairman of Ningbo City Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd., who has the minds of Ningbo businessmen, and Yu Feng, the famous director of the Central Opera House who is also a Ningbo native, decided to join hands to create the original opera "Red Gang Tailor". On May 21st and 22nd, the original opera "Red Gang Tailor", which is based on the history of the development of the modern Ningbo garment industry, was performed at the Ningbo Grand Theatre in Zhejiang. In the play, it was revealed that "Dare to be the best in the world." "Ningbo help spirit." Jiangnan water town, rain and fog, white walls and black tiles, as well as towering horse head wall, the audience can feel the history of "Red Gang Tailor" as soon as they enter the theater. An old photo album is displayed on the screen, and the black and white historical figures radiate a heavy sense of time. As the music rang, the curtain opened, and in the changing of the montage of the film, the real characters in the old photos of the history were transformed into the same stage characters, and the historical picture of the development of the "Red Gang Tailor" began to unfold. In the play, the audience can see the scenes of “hot needles” and “needle-wearing cowhide” in the basic skills of apprenticeship training. You can also hear several sections of lanterns with strong Ningbo flavor. Yu Feng not only served as the band conductor, but also personally participated in the scriptwriting. He told reporters that he had worked with another screenwriter Hu Shaoxiang on the development of Ningbo clothing industry and museums, cultural centers, etc., with reference to the development and characteristics of Ningbo clothing industry, as well as the development of modern clothing industry, the origin of design and production of tunic suits, and finally Created a young man from the Ningbo tailoring family in the early 20th century, and carried forward the story of "Red Gang Tailor". For the music in the drama, Yu Feng said: "The Lantern Festival is a very special mode in Ningbo folk songs. This opera is integrated with the lanterns, mainly to express the hero's homesickness." The dance design of the play is also painstaking. . "This is a big production. The 9-meter-long transport vehicle has a full 9-car props." Ma Meiqing, a dance design, said, "The geographical development of the drama is very big, from Ningbo to Japan to Shanghai. The characteristics of each region have their own stage presentations.” In order to present the best performance, the main team will make many modifications during each performance. Previously, "Red Gang Tailor" had performed two performances in Beijing. After examining the stage effect, Yu Feng and the composer and famous composer Jin Xiang communicated urgently, and the music of the play was modified to increase the drama of drama conflict. . After the first performance in Ningbo, Ningbo Performing Arts Group immediately invited the professors of the Fashion Institute and the teachers of the clothing enterprises to hold seminars. Many details were adjusted in time for the second performance. In fact, before watching this drama, Zou Jianhong also played drums in his heart. Ningbo has no symphony orchestra and opera group. Ningbo people are still relatively unfamiliar with this art form. But after watching the show, he was moved by the actors' performances and the enthusiastic Ningbo audience. "I didn't expect the audience to react so enthusiastically. I can feel the pride that they have risen from their hearts." Zou Jianhong said. According to Zou Jianhong, "Red Gang Tailor" as a highlight of Ningbo's business culture, fully embodies the "Ningbo Gang Spirit" that "does to be the best in the world." "What kind of art form is used to express this spirit? With Ningbo's own drama and Yue opera? For this reason, we have been thinking for a long time and listened to the opinions of many experts. Later, everyone agreed that opera is more appropriate." The Opera House, which currently has the advantages and strengths of scale, is home to many outstanding opera performers. Zou Jianhong believes that the creative, open and international taste of the Central Opera House coincides with the open and inclusive urban cultural orientation of Ningbo. In fact, as early as a few years ago, China Foreign Culture Group Corporation signed a "central cooperation" cultural enterprise management model with the newly built theaters such as Gansu Grand Theatre and Xiamen Weinan Grand Theatre. Professional management. The Central Opera House and Ningbo Performing Arts Group Co., Ltd. jointly created a stage mode of “central cooperation”, which is also an exploration of the development of the performance market. For the National Academy, through the cooperation with local academies, the three-dimensional development of creation and performance will be formed, and the benefits of the performance market will be guaranteed to a certain extent. For local colleges, such cooperation not only further promotes Ningbo culture to the world stage, but also enables the local economy to develop and adds cultural weight to investment promotion. "The story of "Red Gang Tailor" is twisted and twisted, and the overall momentum is magnificent. It is very suitable for performance in the form of opera." Yu Feng said, "I have deep feelings and deep feelings for Ningbo culture, and I am confident that I will pass the "Red Gang Tailor". Let the world more recognize the 'Ningbo Gang Spirit'. As far as I know, Ningbo clothing brand has great influence, but in terms of brand added value, the current 'Ningbo Pack' is far from the world-class brand. I hope the opera "Red Gang Tailor" Ningbo’s garment culture can be spread out.” At the beginning of the play, Zou Jianhong has set his sights on the world. “We created the “Red Gang Tailor” to express China’s story in a familiar vocabulary of Westerners. It is an exploration into the international mainstream market. Whether it is unsuccessful or not, we have come out of this step."