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During the "1 June" period, the city released five domestic children's films 2013-05-30


During the "June 1" period this year, "Let Panda Fly", "Sunshine Stay", "Kuipu 2: Battle of the Yuan Dynasty", "Submarine Story 3: Rainbow Treasure", "Sinbad Adventure 2013" and other 5 children The film will be released in the city. The "Let Panda Fly" released on June 1 is a cross-border work by the pioneer artist Zhao Bandi. The story comes from a real event - 20,000 young people from all over the country use the theme of "Panda" to create various kinds of The art work, and then used the proceeds of the auction to donate a solitary home in Kaifeng, Henan. The film was created by the children who participated in the event, and the film was composed in a way that combined with live performances and animations. Also released on June 1st, "Sunshine Stays" reflects the problems of life and psychology of rural left-behind children and the process of inspirational growth. Among the three films released on May 31, "Kui Bian 2: The Great Battle of the Yuan Dynasty" tells the story of the protagonist, Manji and the great man, who boarded the trajectory to the vortex island, and embarked on the battle with the sacred coalition. Hard journey. "Submarine Story 3" mainly tells the story of the research submarine Ali and his friends searching for treasure in the magical underwater world. "Sinbad Adventures 2013" put the story of "One Thousand and One Nights" on the big screen, the protagonist is Aladdin and Sinbad who did not intersect in the original. In order to celebrate the "Children's Day" International Children's Day, the Xinhua Bookstore is scheduled to be open to all children's books from May 31 to June 2 at the Ningbo Book City Center Store, Zhongshan East Road Store, and Tianyi Square Store. The store will be sold at 5% off, and there will be a gift-giving event.