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Newly edited drama "Tian Luo Girl": the combination of tradition and fashion 2013-06-01


A few days ago, the newly-edited drama "Tianlu Girl" was under intense rehearsal. The director Wang Ying said in an interview with reporters that "Tianlu Girl" is a combination of tradition and fashion. It can be described as a brave attempt to continue the inheritance and innovation of classic traditional repertoire. . "Tianlu Girl" is a classic repertoire of the opera. For decades, generations of actor actors have performed the show. The famous young director Wang Ying directed "Chen Yuanyuan and Wu Sangui", "Princess Nanmuhan", "Yu Wang Meng" and other works. Previously, he also directed "Jade Beads" and "Thrush" for the Ningbo Opera Troupe. In an interview with reporters, he said that the new creation of "Tianlu Girl" highlights the fresh and interesting performance style, creating a relaxed and humorous comedy, exaggerating the performance of the characters, strengthening the dance of the characters, creating a fresh personality. image of. Some popular elements will be added to the stage to make the performance style of the whole drama naturally smooth, nice, beautiful and fun. Wang Ying said that innovation does not mean abandoning tradition. He said: "The main feature of the local drama is its voice, which is commonly known as the 'township sounds and sings nostalgia'. The new singer of "Tianlu Girl" has carried on the epoch of the traditional charm of the opera. Re-creation of the senses, so that the contemporary audience, especially the young audience, can also like it. On the basis of the traditional band, properly add some electro-acoustic music to increase the sense of modernity and fashion, so that the music part of the whole drama is smooth and beautiful. In addition, the new dance style of "Tianlu Girl" will also try to tap the traditional customs of Ningbo, presenting a fresh, bright and simple style, while reflecting the style of the times through the styles, fabrics and colors of makeup, styling and clothing. Create beautiful and fresh characters.