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Ningbo Library will wake up sleeping books 2013-06-03


You have a book, I have a book, and we can see the knowledge of two books when we exchange it. In order to make full use of the reader's family collection, the book education and the role of the puzzle are more widely used, and at the same time, a platform for the book friends is created. The Ningbo Library has launched the "good book exchange, the true feeling interaction--the good book exchange activity". The event will be divided into a book exchange area and a children's book exchange area. A donation box will be set up on site to accept donations from citizens. At 2 pm on May 25, 30 small reporters came to exchange with their idle books. Every little reporter picked up their favorite books and shared their books with other children. The purpose of this activity is to maximize the role of library resources, promote the low-carbon concept of resource sharing and book recycling, and cultivate students' good habits of loving books, reading and reading books. After the event, the reporter of the newspaper experienced a 24-hour self-service borrowing machine and interviewed Shen Guanwu, deputy director of the Ningbo Library. The small reporters said that the library will continue to participate in similar activities in the future. ( Venue: The first floor of the Ningbo Library, event time: 14:00~16:00 on the last Saturday of each month)