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Zhangzhou discovered Zhao Shuzhen's stone handwriting 2013-06-04


"In the modern history of Chinese calligraphy and painting, there are two "Tai Dou" in Ningbo, one is the well-known 'Book of the Master', Sha Menghai, and the other is 'Yi Lin Tai Dou', Zhao Shuzhen, Jin Shi's paintings are all available. Yesterday, I found the handwriting of Zhao Shuzhen in Gaoqiao Town, Zhangzhou—the 'Ziqi Donglai' Shiqian handwritten book, which is a literary book that blends the tastes of the two Han dynasties. The book style is smooth and round.” The relevant person in charge of the Cultural Relics Office of Yinzhou District Xie national flag introduction. Xie National Flag is the four characters of "Ziqi Donglai" found on the gate of "Zhangzhou Gengze Stone Carving Collection" which is being built in Gaoqiao Town. "The last paragraph" Ding Chou (1925) early summer', the payment of 'Uncle' Zhao Zhao 'The words, and there is a seal of Yang Wen." Xie national flag introduction, the gate is 3 meters high, all of which are stone of the West Meiyuan, the book stone is 172 cm long and 52 cm wide, and the "back" pattern is engraved around. . The picture shows Zhao Shuzhen's "Ziqi Donglai" Shiyan handwritten book. (Xie National Flag) Zhao Shuzhen (1874-1945), Baoxian Lane (now Haishu District) in Pixian County. Formerly known as Run Xiang, the word 忱 忱, uncle 孺, after the change of name, 苌 苌 苌. The students of the late Qing Dynasty used to be known to Fujian. After the Republic of China, he lived in Shanghai. Jinshi calligraphy and painting, flower Cordyceps, pommel horse hair, all fine, good at painting horses, can be called "the modern world Zhao Mengfu." According to the records of "Ji County Tongzhi", the head of Baoxing Lane was once a private house built by Zhao Youzhen. In the sixth year of Xianfeng, he was a Hanlin, and he was the emperor of Tongzhi, and the official to Taichang Temple. His son Zhao Shuzhen was once known as Fujian Tongzhi. After 1911, he settled in Shanghai Tilanqiao, making books and paintings, and was a master of the sea. Sha Menghai said in the "Sha Cun Yin Hua": "The promotion of the three hundred years of the transfer, the violent to Wu Hao Lao (Wu Changshuo), peace to Zhao Shu Lao (Zhao Shuzhen), can be described as thrilling, unprecedented before the ancients." Zhang Daqian More respect for it is the master of the stone. According to reports, Zhao Shuzhen’s artistic accomplishments benefited from his father-in-law Lin Yingshu’s love of Jinshi calligraphy and painting, and Weng’s two people are like-minded. At the father-in-law's home, Zhao Shuzhen devoted himself to studying the Tang, Song, Yuan and Ming dynasties and studying the golden stone paintings and paintings. After three years, he has achieved remarkable results. Its engraving, the length of the two factions of Zhejiang and Fujian, the essence of the predecessor Zhao Zhiqian, and intensive study of ancient gold stone science, another into a family, to create a beautiful and quiet weather, when people respect it for the first time in two hundred years. There are not many calligraphy works by Mr. Zhao Shuzhen. In the "Calligraphy Dacheng" (now reprinted) printed by the Shanghai Vientiane Garden Library before the liberation, it was included in the slogan, and the content was: "There are paintings in the poems of the "Suichuan Map" in the past, and there are poems in the paintings. ', the charm of the paintings in the paintings, the later generations use poetry as the painting title." Although only a few words, but flesh and blood, the body is sturdy, showing a kind of rich and light weather. Some commentators believe that "in the hundreds of gardens collectively cultivated by many calligraphers in modern times, there is a unique and unique flower." And Zhao Shuzhen's Xiao Yan's work "The Book of Songs, Seven Days", a total of 380 words, the first and last veins, the condensation When you are in the middle of refining, you can see that he is able to learn from the Golden Stone. But the discovery of the "Ziqi Donglai" calligraphy is also a true artistic portrayal. “Compared to Sha Lao, Mr. Zhao Shuzhen is little known. We can show the artistic style of Mr. Zhao Shuzhen in the joint exhibition of Zhao Shuzheng, Ma Heng and Sha Menghai’s calligraphy and engraving works exhibited in the Ningbo Museum recently. The discovery of this stone handwritten book is in Zhao Shuzhen. There is a rare value in the research." Xie said.