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What are the Dragon Boat Festival activities in Ningbo? 2013-06-05


Our festival Dragon Boat Festival is just around the corner, and the City Cultural Center has arranged various activities to invite the public to taste the Dragon Boat Festival culture and understand the traditional culture of Ningbo. On the evening of June 10th and 11th, on the morning of June 10th and 11th, the city cultural center and the city’s non-legacy center held the “Taste of the Dragon Boat Festival, the inheritance of civilization—the traditional skills training of the non-legacy class of the Dragon Boat Festival in Ningbo”, respectively, to teach Chinese knots and dough. Craftsmanship. At 1:00 pm on June 7, the "Alafi Heritage Collection" and the Ningbo Local Art Festival will be held at the Folk Music Theatre. Lectures and training tickets are available for admission. The public can get tickets to Room 514 of City Cultural Center (No.117, Yaoxing Street, Haishu District), contact Tel: 83789919. Baoguo Temple Ancient Architecture Museum will hold the "Remaining Years Fragments - Ningbo Ancient City Wall Exhibition" on the 8th. On the 12th, Baoguo Temple invites local experts to teach tourists to pack dumplings. Visitors can also "DIY" bag dumplings, including Go home with the results. At 2:00 pm on June 12th, many Guqin lovers will gather in the Tianyi Pavilion Painting and Calligraphy Hall. The “Qinqin Rhyme” Guqin Yaji event commemorates Qu Yuan in the form of guqin and poetry. The event was hosted by the Ningbo Chinese Culture Promotion Association and the Ningbo Center for the Relics, and was hosted by the Tianyi Pavilion Museum and the Guqin Association. In addition, at 2:00 pm on June 10th, Tianyige Museum invites you to join the children to participate in the Dragon Boat Festival theme event of “The Leaves and Leaves, Fragrance and Dragon Boat Culture”. Welcome to the 4th to 6th grade students (limited to 20) and 87,293,056 and 87,294,523. Each student can be accompanied by a parent. On the 12th, the Youth Discovery Experience of the Ningbo Museum also arranged the traditional cuisine of Ningbo, the production of scorpions. "May White Sugar Dice" is a Ningbo folk song. According to Yang Gucheng, a folklorist, the Ningbo Mid-Autumn Festival is called the “end five”. “Ningbo’s scorpion, glutinous rice is soaked in soda water and has a detoxification effect.” He introduced that the Dragon Boat Festival weather began to heat up, poisonous worms and diseases, Red and yellow have been considered to be auspicious and evasive since ancient times. In the Dragon Boat Festival in the old Ningbo, there are tiger head shoes and tiger head caps, and the king of beasts comes to the "five poisons" of snakes, dragonflies, lizards, spiders and scorpions. Ningbo also has the custom of eating “five yellow and six whites”. In the Dragon Boat Festival in Ningbo, the folklore of "Shu Pu Bao Jian" has the saying "Pu Jian Qian Qian Yao, Ai Qi Zhao Bai Fu", originated from the 'Huang Wei', the legend that Ningbo thorns Huang Qi holding the sword in Sanjiangkou peach blossom Ferry and dragons, keep the people safe. Therefore, in the Dragon Boat Festival, the Ningbo people will smash the scorpion of the evil spirit into a sword to commemorate Huang Wei.