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The ancient grassroots love fairy tale "Tian Luo girl" reproduces the stage 2013-06-05


The young man Xie Duan and his blind mother are living together. Despite the poor family, Xie Duan is hardworking, filial and kind. One day, Xie Duan picked up a white snail by the water and kept it in his own water tank. After that, every time I went out, my family’s meals were ready. Once, Xie Duan spoke in the dark outside the house and found that Bailuo became a beautiful girl to help cook and cook. At this point, Xie Duan came out, and the snail fairy was too late to transform, and he married him. Local tyrants know that Xie Duan has a beautiful wife, and he has deliberately and embarrassed many times, but each time he was designed and resolved by Tian Luo. This well-known folk story in Ningbo was once the dream of a grassroots boy. In the early 1950s, the Ningbo City Opera Troupe brought this story to the stage for the first time. In 1988, the girl was also made into a TV series. It was also very popular and won the second prize of the Flying Award. Today, the city's troupe reorganizes "Tianlu Girl" and will premiere at the Shaw Theatre on June 24th and 25th. Artistic director Wang Jinwen felt that he always wanted to rearrange this classic. "Because the audience likes it, its plot is simple and easy to understand. It is especially suitable for the performance of the drama." The new version is the eighth generation of the drama, the average age of the city. Only 23 years old. Wang Jinwen praised them: "These stars are particularly aura, and they will ponder and be sure to show their own style." Wang Ying, the famous young director who directed the drama, revealed that the new version of "Tianlu Girl" will highlight the fresh and interesting style. Create a comedy with a relaxed and humorous look.