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Daxie Theatre Performance "Ziqi Xiangyun" 2013-06-06


"Ziqi Xiangyun" performance site. Last night, the large-scale singing and dancing party of "Ziqi Xiangyun" brought by the Chinese Opera and Dance Theatre landed at the Ningbo Daxie Theater, which provided an unprecedented song and dance feast for the island audience, which marked the official opening of the only island theater in Ningbo. . In the future, Daxie people will be able to appreciate excellent cultural products at their doorstep. The director of the party created a picture of the living with the song and the dance, the combination of the song and the dance, the joy and the desolation, and the Chinese opera dances such as Hai Yan, Gao Baoli, Cao Xue and Ji Yu. The participation of the first-line singer of the theater sang a series of well-known songs, making the whole party not only good-looking but also beautiful, but also a feast of sight and hearing. It is understood that this is the first performance of the Daxie Theatre after being hosted by the Ningbo Grand Theatre. This modern theater with 1138 seats will be operated by the Ningbo Grand Theatre and will be dedicated to the Daxu Culture and Art Center and the masses. Public cultural activity center.