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The "Crazy Year" of Ningbo Cinema 2013-06-07


Since the opening of Ningbo Poly International Cinema Tianyi Store at the beginning of this year, the opening frequency of the new cinema has turned like a book, and CGV, Zhongying, Broadway, Tianyi Auto Cinema, Hengdian Studios and other large and small cinemas bloom everywhere in Ningbo. Should not be overwhelmed. Don't worry, this is only the first half of the year. At the beginning of this month, UME International Studios debuted at the High World Trade Center in Dongdu Road. In the next six months, three cinemas, including CGV Culture Square Store and Wanda Studios Yuyao Store, will also be unveiled. A city has 10 theaters open in a year. This is a spectacle in the national movie market. It is no wonder that many viewers call this year -- from "Avatar" to "Painting 2" to At the end of last year, the Chinese box office champion "Thai", the rapid rise of Chinese and foreign films, also stimulated the desire of domestic viewers to enter the cinema. The Ningbo Municipal Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television and Press published a number of statistics on the box office in Ningbo from 2008 to 2012: in 2008, 75 million yuan; in 2009, 100 million yuan; in 2010, 130 million yuan; in 2011, 170 million yuan In 2012, 230 million yuan...that is, more than 7 million Ningbo citizens visited the theater in the past year. It is no wonder that Zhang Wenzhao, general manager of UME International Studios East China Regional Operations, is full of confidence in the Ningbo market: “We have done some in-depth research before entering the station and found that Ningbo people not only love to watch movies, but also “know” movies, the quality of watching movies. And the requirements of professional screening technology are very high." With the newly opened UME, there are currently five new and old theaters within 1000 meters of Tianyi Business Circle. They are all crowded together. Will they worry about the diverting box office? "We don't worry about this at all. The so-called 'shops are more than a city'." Zhang explained that "the cinema is much more open, and it will further cultivate the public's viewing habits. Let's make this 'cake' more. Big.” The reporter then interviewed the relevant person in charge of Poly Studios Tianyi Store and Times Film World. They all said that they are not afraid of competition, and will not reduce the price war of tickets. After all, the cost and the minimum price of the film are placed. There, "a number of theaters are concentrated in one area. Although their respective box office has an impact, it is a good thing as a whole. The result of competition can continuously improve the quality of each theater's own hardware facilities and services, so that consumers can get better. Enjoy the film and enjoy the virtuous circle of the market.” Fu Xiaolei, general manager of Ningbo Poly Studios, said. Sheng Jing, deputy general of Ningbo Times, said that their next plan is to carry out a major renovation of Tianyidian. “We were the best cinema in Ningbo seven or eight years ago. Now we are not disconnected from the new cinema. We can’t fall behind.” Cinemas have their own characteristics, there are technical cinemas, and there are also cost-effective cinemas. So which movie theater in Ningbo is the best box office? The following set of data may give you the answer. According to the data of Ningbo Culture, Radio, Film and Television Press and Publication Bureau: In 2012, the first city theater ranking, the first name is Wanda Studios, Zhangzhou store, the annual box office is 50.2 million yuan; the second is Ningbo Yingdu, 30.5 million yuan; The third and fourth eras of the movie world and the international cinema at the sea are comparable, with 26.5 million yuan and 26 million yuan respectively. Among them, Wanda Cangzhou store has set the highest annual box office record since its establishment, and ranked first in Zhejiang Province for the fourth consecutive year. Wang Dongyuan, general manager of Wanda Studios Ningbo, said that the studio pays great attention to the updating of the screening facilities. All aspects must be at the top of the world, such as the introduction of IMAX Hall and VIP Hall in Ningbo. In addition, as a person wearing glasses, I pay great attention to the continuous improvement of 3D glasses, taking into account every detail for the audience. In response to the opening of the Ningbo cinema, Wang Dongyuan’s statement is very rational. “According to the consumption and cultural level of Ningbo people, there is indeed a need to increase the new theater every year, but I think the ideal state is to add one or two each year, and the audience needs one. The adaptation and selection process will foster a buffer period for the market. According to statistics, there are currently about 40 theaters in Ningbo, and industry insiders expect that the number of cinemas in Ningbo will reach 50 within five years. In addition to urban areas, county-level cities such as Yuyao, Cixi, and Fenghua have also been operating in Daxing Cinema in recent years. Like the era of the movie world, it covers almost all parts of Ningbo. According to a survey by the reporter, recently added theaters, except for the renovation of old buildings in the city center, almost all other areas are set up to support the newly built squares, such as Raffles's Zhongying, Impression City's Broadway, and Lodz Square's Hengdian. Studios and so on. According to industry analysts, the commercial plaza is keen to build a cinema, which helps to drive passenger flow for commercial projects. Consumers may have random consumption while watching movies, which will lead to the development of catering, clothing, entertainment and other formats, and make shops The rent remained stable. According to interviews from various theaters, the current age group of consumers watching movies in Ningbo is between 20 and 40 years old, mainly white-collar workers, business people, students and family households. "Ningbo people like to watch some famous Hollywood." Actions or sci-fi blockbusters, such as "Iron Man", "Star Trek", and the better-known "Les Miserables" is a bleak box office. In terms of domestic films, it is good reputation, and the box office has also increased." Poly General Fu said. How do consumers react in the face of so many cinema openings? A senior film artist, Mr. Zhang, said that he has to watch at least four movies every month. It has become a habit. "There are more cinemas. The biggest advantage for us is that we don’t have to wait in line to watch movies. I even had half an hour before the weekend. You can only sit in the first row to watch a movie, or wait for the next one. In terms of price, you don’t have to worry about raising the price even if you don’t fall. However, if you are in a non-weekday day, then many theaters can choose whether you can Looking at the package?" Mr. Zhang believes that some resources are wasted at this point. He also sweats for the off-season operation of the studio.