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Luzhou Lantern has a successor 2013-06-08


Yesterday afternoon, in the dance room of the Hengjie Town Central Primary School, 33 primary school students under the guidance of the teacher, conducted the last rehearsal before the folk dance "Gossip Lantern" came on stage. June 8th is the eighth cultural heritage day. This folk dance team will be shown to the district cultural center to the people in the district. The "Bagua Horse Lamp" is a folk custom that has been circulating in Xiangnan Village of Hengjie Town for hundreds of years. In the past, every holiday, every household will make a lantern, and folk artists will perform a marquee show: the lantern team will go all the way, and every place where the venue is big will perform, and the crowds will be crowded. With the changes of the times, the "eight lanterns" gradually faded out of sight. In order to pass on the skills passed down by the ancestors, the Hengjie Town Central Primary School specially organized a lantern association and trained a group of "horselights" small inheritors. After the establishment of the lantern association, on the training ground of Hengjie Town Central Primary School, people often saw four red and yellow armor, and the goalkeeper wearing a helmet stood proudly with the flag, and there were dozens behind each. Riding red, yellow, blue, and green horses, the knights of the whip, shuttled back and forth, constantly practicing the "horselight" formation. These children are no more than 14 years old and the youngest is only 9 years old. The teacher of Hengjie Town Central Primary School said that the “Eight Horse Lanterns” brought to the district were conceived on the basis of folk dance marquees, and the original lanterns were reformed and innovated. “We have invited local folk artists to make changes to the traditional lanterns, pace and rhythm, and strive to make the old traditions glow with new charm.” After ten years of careful cultivation, the school’s lantern community has passed on three batches of students and pays attention to it. Absorb the participation of outsiders. Due to outstanding achievements, Hengjie Town Central Primary School was rated as “Ningbo City Intangible Cultural Heritage Heritage Base”. Today, the school's "eight lanterns" are often active in the various stages of the district and town.