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Yucheng blew the "assembly number" 2013-06-09


I believe that most of the urban people are no strangers to Ningbo's non-legacy projects, and they can count several items, such as dramas, Fenghua Bulong, Zhujin lacquer wood carvings, bone wood inlays, etc., but it is said that close contact, I believe There are not many opportunities. The reporter learned from the Ningbo Cultural Center yesterday that from October 25th, the first three-day Ningbo Intangible Cultural Heritage Expo will be held at the Ningbo International Convention and Exhibition Center. Kong Yan, deputy director of the Ningbo Cultural Center, told reporters that this will be the first large-scale assembly of the intangible cultural heritage project in Ningbo. Kong Yan said that the rich resources and protection achievements of Ningbo City are “presently at the right time.” “We have been in the protection and excavation of non-legacy for 10 years. During this period, the results of Ningbo’s non-censorship survey are in the country and the province. According to the introduction, the total amount of intangible cultural heritage resources existing in Ningbo is more than 10,000. Among them, folk literature, folklore and handicrafts account for nearly four of Ningbo’s total intangible cultural heritage resources. Three points. It is understood that this non-legacy fair will be held in Hall 8 of the International Convention and Exhibition Center with an exhibition area of ​​20,000 square meters. At that time, the non-legacy areas of 11 counties (cities, districts) in Ningbo will showcase the representative projects of the intangible cultural heritage above the provincial level and above the county level in Ningbo by means of graphic and video introductions and physical exhibitions. . Kong Yan said that the intangible cultural heritage exists in a lively form. "We will demonstrate the true charm of the intangibles through the inheritance of human skills demonstrations, creation and production demonstrations."