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Fu Ruiting, the inheritor of "non-legacy": Tong Yu is the "living fossil" of Ningbo dialect 2013-06-09


The book “Ningbo Nursery Rhyme”, which was collected, compiled and compiled by Fu Ruiting, the representative of the intangible cultural heritage of Ningbo, was popularly popular among the public after being published by Ningbo Publishing House. On the eighth World Cultural Heritage Day, the reporter interviewed the “non-legacy” inheritor who was born in Wuxiang County in 1947. "The nursery rhyme is a living culture, and has always lived in the biography of the word of mouth." Mr. Fu, a member of the Chinese Folk Literature and Art Association, Zhangkou came to Duan Yingjing’s Ningbo Tonglu, "A Four Corners of a Scorpion": "One Only four corners of the scorpion, unbundling and shelling, smashing the chopsticks and cutting the corners, and seeing the sugar, and reaching the throat..." Mr. Fu said that Ningbo Tonglu is a valuable intangible cultural heritage of Ningbo people, which records the customs of Ningbo. It contains the traditional virtues of Ningbo people and entrusts the beautiful ideals of Ningbo people. The book "Ningbo Nursery Rhymes" collected more than 400 Ningbo Tongmu. Mr. Fu said that the success of Ningbo Tongmu’s inheritance has been broadcasted by the Ningbo People’s Broadcasting Station “Shirley Time” for 40 minutes; a street in Haishu District held the “Ningbo Nursery Rhythm Competition”; a group of kindergartens and primary schools were opened. Learn Ningbo Tongmu, play traditional games, guide children to collect, create nursery rhymes, and also print and publish children's magazines; many Ningbo nursery rhymes also call for the compilation of Ningbo nursery rhymes into local textbooks.