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New Liangzhu Culture Museum Open Collection 2013-06-15


Recently, the main building of the China Liangzhu Culture Museum, located in the Ningbo Liangzhu Cultural Park, was completed and is scheduled to be completed during the year. In order to better protect and study the Liangzhu culture, Liangzhu Cultural Industry Company established the Liangzhu Legend Information Collection Office to collect information (collections) related to the legend of Liangzhu to all parts of the country. The contents of the public collection are as follows: First, the old (referring to 1949) Liang Zhu ancient books, stories, songs, legends, words, songs, etc., text and oral can be, especially in minority areas and mainland China. The second is the scripts, palaces, and old and new stills of various Liangzhu operas. The third is the ruins of the ruins of Liang Zhu (tombs, temples, temples, reading places, etc.) and the folklore activities (such as temple fairs, lantern festivals, etc.) related to Liang Zhu, such as temples, inscriptions, pictures, photographs, physical instruments, and video materials. The fourth is all kinds of folk handicrafts with the theme of Liang Zhu, such as sculptures, carvings, weaving, embroidery, paper-cutting and various forms of paintings and paintings (including New Year pictures, prints, comic strips). The proposed Liangzhu Culture Museum in China has a total construction area of ​​about 5,100 square meters, of which the exhibition area is about 3,500 square meters. The main functions are intended to be three parts: display, participation and academic science research. The main exhibition hall consists of preface hall, history articles and folk customs. The six parts of the articles, art articles, communication articles and inheritance articles. The contents of the exhibition include: the source of Liangzhu legend and the flow of cloth, the folk beliefs and customs of Liangzhu, the colorful Liangzhu art, the Liangzhu culture to the world, and the study and inheritance of Liangzhu culture.