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Haishu Wenbao volunteers cheered on the Chinese Grand Canal 2013-06-17


Yesterday, Haishu District Cultural Relics Management Office and Haishu District Historical and Cultural Heritage Protectors Association organized Haishu Wenbao volunteers to promote the “Shenzhen” activities of the China Grand Canal. The responsible persons, volunteers, photographers and other enthusiasts of Haishu District departed from Sanjiangkou. Pass through the horizontal axis of the old city of Haitang, exit the west gate, walk along the east coast of Zhedong, and re-experience the charm of the canal. The ancients of Ningbo went to Hangzhou and went to Beijing, and they all followed a waterway. The ancients also went out from Ningbo Port. This waterway is the end of the Chinese Grand Canal and the starting point of the “Sea Silk Road”. According to the relevant person in charge of the Haishu District Cultural Relics Management Office, this is one of the activities of the city to celebrate the eighth Chinese Cultural Heritage Day. “The Ningbo Grand Canal in the east of Ningbo is included in the preparatory list of the World Cultural Heritage. It is about to welcome the inspections and inspections of UNESCO experts. This activity is also a shout for the canal application.” Yesterday, Haishu Wenbao volunteers from the national key The cultural relics protection unit, which is included in the Qing'an Guild Hall, an important heritage site for the Grand Canal, will pass through Zhongshan Road. Experts will explain the “Wangjingmen, Jieguanting, Daqingqiao” sites and visit Wangchun Bridge, Gaoqiao and Zhang. Ting Lao Street and other important water conservancy and transportation heritage nodes in the Ning Band of the East Zhejiang Canal and the historical witness of the evolution of the Zhedong Canal.