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70 streets and cultural and sports activities are established in seven streets 2013-06-17


The picture shows the amateur stylistic team waving the Jiangdong colorful stage banner. Last night, the Jiangdong District Federation of Trade Unions and the District Wenguang Bureau awarded the first banner of the “Jiangdong Workers Colorful Stage” to the Wenyi Team of Nie Yan Square in Minglou Street in Hefeng Creative Square. It is reported that this month will be awarded to the remaining seven square cultural activities demonstration sites. It is expected that there will be 70 square cultural events venues flying this year to the banner of "Jiangdong workers colorful stage". It is reported that this is the first in the city. How to guide employees to carry out amateur cultural activities, how to regulate the amateur cultural and sports team in a standardized way? At the beginning of this year, the Jiangdong District Federation of Trade Unions proposed the idea of ​​building a colorful stage for employees. In March this year, the Joint District Wenguang Bureau issued an implementation opinion, publicly collected the LOGO, and revised the first prize to make a banner and a cultural shirt. Zhou Yingchun, vice chairman of the Jiangdong District Federation of Trade Unions, said that the "seven" of "Jiangdong workers' colorful stage" refers to seven streets. "Color" refers to the variety of cultural and sports activities of employees, including square dance, folk art, instrumental music, vocal music, sports, etc. The colorful stage is attended by employees from all walks of life. The Nie Yan team that gave the flag last night is The first group studio in the city named after the individual, the team has now grown to about 160. The "Military and Drum Team" created by them has entered seven sets of CCTV programs, and the "Migrant Workers Drum Team" knocked on the stars in Zhejiang Province. The door of the gold medal, the student baby "Langlang's book" won the Ningbo Stars Silver Award... It is understood that at present, Jiangdong has emerged from the 600-member chorus in the eastern suburbs, the Yunhe dance team in Baihe Danfeng community, and Baizhangzhong Guanzhong's square dance in the crown STYLE, Dongsheng's Sanjiang Culture Night Market Dance, Minglou's Hezhifeng Art Troupe, Dongliu's "Yuman Jiangdong" Taiji Performance, Fuming's New Citizenship Sound Agency and other cultural and sports activities brands.