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The traditional opening ceremony was held in Qing'an Hall 2013-06-17


At the opening ceremony, worship the hole. "The worship ceremony began: the crown of the dress, the words and deeds..." Yesterday, the traditional opening ceremony jointly held by the Qing'an Hall and the Ningbo Xintianyi School was held in the Qing'an Hall. The 60 children and parents who attended the ceremony yesterday gathered in the Qing'an Hall early in the morning. Under the demonstration and guidance of the teacher of Xintianyi School, the children changed into Hanfu. "Everyone stands upright, solemn and solemn, respects the teacher, respects and courtesy." The host swayed and recited the message, and everyone respectfully bowed to Confucius. After the worship ceremony, Zhu Xiqi Zhi, Knocking Ming, writing a book, enlightenment of Chinese studies, and wishing for inspiration were also carried out. Opening a pen ceremony is a form of enlightenment education in Chinese tradition for children to start literacy. In ancient times, the schoolchildren got up early in the “opening ceremony”, that is, the first day of school, and started to come to the school. The teacher taught the most basic and simple truth in life, taught and wrote, and then worshipped the Confucius. reading. This ritual is commonly known as "broken Mongolia." In ancient times, the "opening ceremony" was a grand ceremony, which was of great significance to every scholar. Many parents who came here yesterday said that the children are still young and cannot fully understand the meaning and meaning of the opening ceremony. "Through this ceremony, the children will understand that you have grown up and have gone to the book and knowledge in the Qing'an Hall. The first step. Opening a pen ceremony is an enlightenment to the child. For our parents, it is equivalent to a traditional culture class. The details of the opening ceremony have profound cultural connotations."