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Ningbo Lesheng Culture joins to build China's "Dream Factory" 2013-06-18


Yesterday, the largest private film late stage base in China, which was reorganized by Ningbo Lesheng Culture, Splendid Film and Television, Tiangong Yinghua and Siamese Cinema, was the largest post-production base of Chinese film. It was announced during the Shanghai Film Festival. With the birth of this full-process one-stop movie platform, the Chinese film post-production super "aircraft carrier" is ready to go. Yesterday, Chang Hongsong, general manager of Tiangong Yicai, said that at the same time that the Chinese movie box office has set record records, the domestic post-production technology industry is relatively lagging behind, and it is urgent to establish a large-scale, industrialized and standardized post-production technology system. "We hope that Tiangong will become the base of Chinese film, and integrate the complicated editing, dimming, sound, special effects, data management, 3D imagery and other process links in the post-production of film and television to form a whole process. Service system to solve the problem of poor control of post-production cost, time and quality in film and television production. In addition, we will also focus on all aspects of film pre-planning, creativity and production.” According to the introduction, Tiangong With a wealth of experience in post-production and a young team with unique creativity and super technology, it is the only company that includes the best visual effects award for all Chinese films. In recent years, more than 30 representative works have been completed, 54. 6.9 billion yuan box office, including "Towards the youth we will die", "Chinese partner", "Wind", "Painted Skin 2", "Tangshan Earthquake", "1942", "Longmen Flying A" and other domestic reputation A film that works well with the market. Cooperated with famous directors and producers of Chinese films such as Feng Xiaogang, Chen Guofu, Xu Ke, Wu Ershan, Niu Chengze, Chen Kexin, Feng Delun, etc. Yesterday they expressed their appreciation for Tiangong Splendid Company through video. Feng Xiaogang said: The technical ability of the splendid is first-class in China, and its computer effects are more and more in line with international standards.” Xu Ke said: “They have experienced overseas teams and I have great confidence in them.” Director Chen Guofu The words "best choice" are given in a concise manner. According to reports, Tiangong is deeply connected with the capital market, improving the scale of the post-production base, and integrating the concept of three-dimensional service into post-production. The head of the investor said yesterday that the talented day was born in a very important historical moment of Chinese film and will become China's "dream factory." "American movie box office has spent 30 years from 10 billion yuan in 1979 to 10 billion dollars in 2009, while Chinese movie box office is expected to exceed 10 billion yuan from 20 billion yuan in 2011 to 2018. In just seven or eight years, Chinese films have ushered in tremendous growth opportunities. Tiangong has captured 70% of China's post-production share, and the prospects are very promising." Zhang Yamin, chairman of Ningbo Lesheng Culture also said: "Heavenly work Representing the most advanced productivity of Chinese-language films, this means that Ningbo's film and television companies are at the leading position in China."