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Two national outstanding repertoire repertoire to Ningbo 2013-06-18


On June 19th and July 4th, Ji Ji Theatre, Jilin Province, "Peach Li Mei" and the Peking Opera Theatre of Hubei Province, "Xu Jiu Jing Sheng Sheng Ji" will perform at the Shaw Theatre. It is reported that both dramas were successfully selected in the second national outstanding repertoire held by the Ministry of Culture last year, and they are all rare stage art products. At the same time, the two performances in Ningbo are also part of the national tour of the second outstanding outstanding repertoire awards held by the Ministry of Culture this year. The purpose is to further expand the influence of the outstanding repertoire awards so that more people can walk in. Appreciate the performances in the theater to understand and feel the infinite charm of fine art. The Ji Opera "Tao Limei" is one of the most representative works of the Jilin Theater in Jilin Province. It tells the story of Yuan Jiasan's sisters and corrupt officials fighting for each other. In the end, he punishes corrupt officials and fulfills the comedy stories of their happy marriages. The show has performed nearly 3,000 performances since its debut in 1960. The main actors in the play are the outstanding talents of the Jilin Opera Troupe, which has been cultivated and developed in recent years. Their youthful atmosphere blends with the characters in the play, giving them This new feature of the classic repertoire is closer to the appreciation of the modern audience. The Peking Opera "Xu Jiu Jing Sheng Sheng Ji" is a classic work in the history of Chinese Peking Opera. It is composed of a story of a single-mouth comic dialogue "Yao Jiajing". It laughs and shows the heart of a good official who is "heart and soul". History and the way to be an official. The play was created in 1979 by the Peking Opera Theatre of Hubei Province. It was officially performed in 1980. In the past 30 years, "Xu Jiu Jing Sheng Sheng Ji" has several versions of Peking Opera, Henan Opera, Kunqu Opera, Yue Opera and so on. In addition to the play, the show's lineup is also very strong. It is personally hosted by Zhu Shihui, the president of the Peking Opera Theatre in Hubei Province. As a famous Beijing opera harlequin performance artist, Zhu Shihui won the “Plum Blossom Award” and the Mei Lanfang Gold Award twice. A number of national awards, art creations are in full swing, and he will present the original Xu Jiujing to the audience.